Sunday, May 18, 2008

Five, and Digital Coloring

This template of Patti Knox's at Designer Digitals was the perfect excuse to use an element from my little Candle Wordart Kit...

Heather Taylor, Five

I love doing digital coloring--it's about the only time I ever manage to color inside the lines. For this kind of thing, you use the magic wand set to 1 pixel tolerance, anti-aliased, and contiguous. On the layer where you have the black and transparent .png, highlight the areas you want to color the same color. Then, create a new layer, move it under the .png, and fill with the paint bucket. You can either fill with gradients, or a flat color, onto which you can then brush varying levels of shadow. Just remember to keep your selection till you're done coloring. You can create a different color layer for each section, too, and that lets you use your hue/color adjustment slider later on to fine-tweak the colors. It's a lot of fun!

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  1. beautiful job on this layout! the bright colors set the black/white photos off so well!


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