Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Morning

More new stuff from Vinnie Pearce... I just saw that deep blue the other morning, and thought that it might be nice to document why it is that I think it's such a great idea to wrest myself from bed every morning at 5:30 or after 5 hrs of sleep, whichever comes last...

All papers by Vinnie Pearce's new "Your Heart" freebie kit (I used 3 of 4). Fonts: Mechanical Fun and [ank*]. Journaling reads:

but briefly
for the dog
deep blue
of dawn's
sleepy eyes
barely awake
we cross
and I stare
at my art"

Heather Taylor, My Morning


  1. A master piece, Heather! I love how the blue is repeated in the photo! Never though a picture of a stove, could look so cool! :) I love it!

  2. I agree with Vinnie, how very cool! I love the idea too, just a great LO!


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