Friday, April 17, 2009

A Productive Day

A ton of layouts, and even (don't faint) a card!!

My favorite is this lift of Neat Freak (Lorraine)'s "Untitled". Mine's called "Celebrate Happiness":

Heather Taylor, Celebrate Happiness

Allen has recently discovered how much fun dandelion puffballs are, especially now that he can actually blow some air out instead of just making a hissing sound. *lol*

Credits: Everything Vinnie Pearce (Pixel Canvas). Page mask from Set 03. Little heart (recolored) from The Great Hunt. Word art from Moments of Special. Star spray from Paradiso. Flower from Preserve It (collab with Fei Fei's Stuff and Catherine Designs).

Then a page with all Sande Krieger stuff (I'm sorry I have to drop her CT!), Honey:

Heather Taylor, Honey

It's amazing how much more relaxed Eddie is with this new job. He still doesn't like me to take photos, though, so this is a surreptitious one of him while I was sitting next to him on a log on the beach. You know, you kind of angle your little point-and-shoot ever so casually up and wow what do you know, your finger slipped and took a photo. Whoops! ;)

Everything by Sande Krieger @ 2Peas. Buttons and labels from "Buttons, Buttons, Who's Got the Buttons" and Note To Self V.2. Little "spring" tab bottom right from All Seasons Tabs. Bottom border from Fanciful Edges. Background paper (including top border) from Party On Papers. Tiny little heart from Home Is Where The Heart Is. And the "Love you" word art is from Word Play.

This was a quick one about Allen's very successful birthday party, Bouncing Off The Walls (inspired by the April Inspiration Challenge at Get Digi With It):

Heather Taylor, Bouncing Off The Walls

Well, there was rain all day on Allen's birthday, but we'd planned for it! Eddie emptied and cleaned out the whole garage, and the kids really took advantage of being able to run around. The adults stayed far inside out of screech range (well, except for the "lucky" parents who took turns watching over everybody!).

Credits: Everything from my Rain kit (GDWI). Fonts: FD Buttercream and Journaling reads: "6th birthday + 6 kids + a whole lotta rain = 'bout what you'd expect"

And finally, a fun (if imperfect) snapshot from a new beach yesterday, Robbie:

Heather Taylor, Robbie

We had a wonderful couple of hours yesterday at an unnamed beach north of Seal Rock where there's an exposed agate bed (i.e., you can find tiny bits -- the size of a pea, or a lump of butter if you're lucky -- of agates amongst the gravel). This is the Sheltie of the friend who showed me where the bed was. Such a sweet, old doggie!

Credits: Everything Designer Digitals (inspired by an IdeaBooks4U blog entry). Background by Katie Pertiet for a Color Challenge (021509). Letters filled by: "r" - Katie Pertiet, Botanical Fusion; "o" - Katie Pertiet, Buttoned Up Love; "b" - Anna Aspnes, Something Springy; "b" - Lynn Grieveson, Breezy Flowers; "i" - crochet flower by Patti Knox, Everyday Inspiration Challenge (030109); and "e" - Katie Pertiet, Digitally Pressed Flowers. Font: VTPortableRemingon. Journaling reads: ". agate hunting . a good friend . castenholz . how about this one . cracked bucket . shifting sands . tide’s coming in . wet pants . world’s smallest fossil . one foot territory . crow babies . weathered stumps . cracked rock . a day in the sun . good times . new beach . what speed limit . thank you . "

And also (wow, long post today!), I made a cool-even-if-i-say-so card for Vinnie, as it's her 28th birthday today:

Heather Taylor, How Owld Are You?

Credits: Everything by me, most of it made today. The inside would read "How owld are you today again?"

And FINALLY, a little card I made today for the Asian Card Exchange over at OSA:

Heather Taylor, Bird and Gold Thread

Just a simple card... Stamp is by Stone House Stamps, over a spritzed background (Ranger Adirondack Color Sprays and Moonglow mist) edged with gold Krylon, and mounted on yuzen washi over textured cardstock. Just took some gold embroidery thread and wrapped it around the card front.

Phew. Have a great weekend--hope you can be productive too!


  1. Love the card and the owl design!

  2. a very productive day, indeed :)

    I loved the cards, specially the ones with the Owl (I'm such a fan of puns, lol). At school I'm learning how to vectorize stuff (using Freehand MX) so I hope to be doing my own designs soon : )

  3. Hi Heather,

    I was searching the gallery at PC for your sheltie layout! LOL How cute this little dog is and the layout. What's funny is I've been wanting another Sheltie to keep Maggie company and I thought I would call it Robbie if it's a boy! (After Rob Roy) LOL

    I didn't realize you did good old paper work, too! The card is beautiful!!

    Hugs from Julie aka MaggieMae

  4. OK - you know I love all your stuff, but that first layout? It's just simply gorgeous!

  5. Hey - -that owl card is way cool! YAY for some card making! Your layouts are fab! I gotta come back later to read all about them. =)

  6. Great post! We had a sheltie when I was growing up. They are beautiful dogs. Glad Eddie is happy!


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