Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fasteners! Bling! Brushes!

All that coming out today @ Pixel Canvas:

Fastened 1:
Heather T., Fastened 1

Ooh, Shiny! 2:
Heather T., Ooh, Shiny! 2

and 254-Making (And Using) Brushes:
Heather T., 254 - Making (And Using) Brushes

And here's a layout for you too:

What a goof, eh? I think he'd be totally chagrined to know that the FINEtakeaphotoifyouhaveto expression turned out rather cute! *giggles*

For the Friday lift, inspired (loosely) by DolceVita's Inspiration.

Everything mine: Paper from Urbanhood, with a couple of masks, one of which is from the Delicacies kit, as is the spray of dried petals. Staples & duct tape from Fastened 1; pin from Fall Whispers, and feather from EcoFabulous (retired). Stitches from Stitched 1.


  1. Nice kits..I have a poppin layout on my blog that is up at 2peas currently..

  2. OMG, Heather, why didn't you release the "Fastened 1" sooner? :( Like, this past semester, lol.

    I went for a grunge style for my final assignment in one of my classes... and it was a real pain to make scan/extract staples and masking tape, grr. This would have made my life so much easier :)

    Anyway, great job on both sets! They're wonderful :)

  3. Super ce tit dernier chez pixel ( ca me fait penser a qq chose)


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