Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brushes brushes!

New @ The DigiChick, a couple of brush packs at very large size, ready to be used in all kinds of ways. They come as both .png and .abr files. Drop the .abr file into the Brushes preset folder of Photoshop, or just use the .png files and recolor them, clip papers to them, make them into stickers, you name it!

Brushed 1:

and Brushed 2:

And here are some layouts from our crew:


By Jen:

This hilarious double-pager by Karen (justk):

By Julie (MaggieMae)


  1. Wow what a talented crew you have! What awesome art they have created using your fabulous brushes!!

  2. Great layouts and kits, but that tree, wow, what a great find! oh, and a good picture too ;)

  3. Cool brushes! I put a link on my Facebook Fanpage/Twitter


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