Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sneakety Peekety!

Coming this Friday to an MScraps near you... ;)

Just let me know--what are you looking most forward to, this/next summer?


  1. Oh that sneek peak is looking so pretty!!!

  2. This looks so beautiful, Heather!! I am sooo looking forward to having more time with my kids! I love the unscheduledness of summer!!! It's kind of laid back, and though we have oodles of work to do, there's just so much more time to do it!

  3. this seems to be a very tender kit, Heather - for dreamy summer pages!

    I'm looking forward to have more time for everything which is important - such as my babygirl, my friends,my family. And i hope we will have some sun - we had 3 weeks of rain lately - only sun in hearts isn't enough for a babygirl which is demanding to run outside...

  4. Love the sneek peek Heather!

    Im looking seeing my DD graduate from Bootcamp! Looking forward to getting the fields clean and the hay cut. Looking forward to some fishing time. Lots to look forward too :)

  5. this summer I'm just looking for a little bit of free time to enjoy the sunny weather and my family and friends! the kit is so lovely!


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