Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneak Peek Giveaway! (closed)

Well, I'm nothing if not versatile. Heh. This week @ the Digichick I have a rich, elegant kit with a ton of gorgeous elements and luscious papers for you called Forest Dreams:


I have a smooth, modern, doodly kit (with templates and lots of wordart!) called Healing, at MScraps:

And, since my mother is coming to visit for two weeks, and we haven't seen her in a year, I'm in the mood for a give-away! So leave me a comment about your mother or your favorite mother-like person, and which kit you're shooting for, and Mr. Random might just land something in your lap... =) Both kits will end up in the stores on US Thursday--TDC first, then MScraps. Whee! [Note: see the next post for the winner!]


  1. Awesome kits! I would love the doodly kit~

  2. Liz aka sexy eyes at MScrapsAugust 24, 2010 at 10:18 AM

    Wow Heather, the sneak peeks are great, I cant make up my mind which I would like better. Guess Ill have to settle (lol) for both. Love the colors. Hmmm my comment about my mom...well all I can say is she always always always loves me unconditionally.

  3. Since I don't have a very close relationship with my mother I think I'd apply to the Healing kit....

  4. Both kits are gorgeous but the colors of the doodly kit are more fresh so I prefer that one.

    My mother ... weird relationship between us. I am always very much seeking for her approval, which I don't seem to get as much as I'd like or need. Don't really know if it's me or her ...

  5. Both kits look fantastic!
    But my favorite is "forest dreams".

    My relation with my mom is better then best girlfriends relation - i do not know, what will be when she's no longer with us some day!

    Thanks for the chance!

  6. my mum is visiting me too, soon so I know how you feel .. can't wait ..
    I think I'd go for Forest Dreams!

  7. healing looks wonderful! and i love my mum and i´m glad we live just two minutes away! hugs, t.

  8. I love them both equally but my choice is based on memories of my mother - "Healing" -
    My mother was a 'healer' - she was my special healer - everything from scrapped knees, to broken hearts at 16, to first real tragedies in my life. I still silently call her name when I'm in pain and if I close my eyes I can almost feel her arms around me, gently patting my back and telling me "Don't worry my darling, Mummy's here."
    Healing words from my healing Mother

  9. Yes, you are very versatile! I like Healing.

    My mom - You should have heard us arguing in the drugstore today - it was hilarious. I kept picking up candy and telling her to buy it to sweeten her disposition, and she kept getting mad at me and telling me she couldn't have "all that sugar". The woman is 114 pounds, oh, and she's 95 years old now, so the personnel at the drugstore (checkout clerk, stock girl) were in stitches. We have a great time when we go out every week, but we still bicker like I was 16 years old!

  10. Heather, I'm sure both kits are outstanding. With fall in the air, I'm voting for the forest kit. As for a mom, I honor the woman who took care of our children while I was a career gal. She is still living and in her 80s and always our special mom.

  11. My mom? I love her but no matter how hard I try, she won't tell me I'm adopted.

    I'm all about the doodly doodles!

  12. OOH! Heather, I am TOTALLY about the Forest Dreams kit! :D Looks gorgeous!

    My mom's name is Heather, and while we didn't have a great relationship while I was growing up (I lived with my dad), things have gotten better now that I'm a mom. She takes my baby one day a week so I can get some work done, and it's been great seeing my mom and my daughter spend time together and build a relationship. My relationship with my mom has gotten a lot better recently, too.

    Thanks so much for the chance, and enjoy your visit!

  13. HAY!
    your blog is rather fancy!
    I enjoy the snap shots and lovely finds!
    x o x

  14. my mom and I are very very close. I am more like her mother now that she is in Long Term Care, but I love her so. So thankful for the moments we share. Both kits look gorgeous, so you can pick for me :)


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