Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sneak Peek--and Give-away! (closed)

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SOCO! Félicitations!! I'll send you the links via PM...

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Thanks for playing everybody!!

Ooooh, looky what I have coming @ MScraps this Thursday/Friday... In Your Own World! It's a great kit for all your daydreamers, your distracted little geniuses, your perpetually story-telling son -- wait, that's mine. ;) Maybe you have one like him?

Anyway, I'd love to give this kit away to one of you. Tell me--as a child, were you ever lost in your own little world(s)? What do you remember about that? Let me know what it was like in a comment to this post, and Mr. Random will reward one of you with a rather large kit, come release time!


  1. I was not really a dreamer when I was young or at least I do not remember. But I have a daughter that dreams a lot in the day. I notice that when she has a special expression on her face, or when she looks at things differently. I just love to capture those moments.

  2. Lost in my own world ... well, they thought I was lost, but I was in own world. I was on holiday at the seaside with my grandparents when I was 4 or 5 years old. We did that every year for a month. They were having drinks with an aunt and uncle on the beach promenade (you know where the beach ends and where you have all the little shops etc) and I went to the ladies (these are in little buildings just down on the beach) No biggy (all those years ago, not it would be unthinkable), I did that all the time and I knew the place where we were. Except that when I came back out, I went the other way 'cause there was a kid playing in the sand and I went to play with him.
    Can you imagine the panic ? By the time they found me there was steam coming out of their ears. All I said was : "It's ok, I do know where we sleep !" :)
    I still had to hear that story years and years later.

    Can't wait to see your new kit in full !

  3. I thought I was a big dreamer when I was little, everything from being Laura from Little House on the Prairie to fairy tales and princesses to being in Dukes of Hazard (complete with Daisy Duke shorts --- shutter!). I could spend hours daydreaming. But my daughter could run circles around me, she comes up with amazing stories and draws pictures to go with them and makes up incredible names for the characters.

  4. I was a constant daydreamer. There was not one specific place I dreamed of, but mostly something to do with whatever book I was reading at the time (or being with the latest young man I had a crush on!) Thanks for the chance, Heather! This looks lovely!


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