Friday, October 17, 2008

Misty Silence

Vinnie's stuff is just so perfect for some of my pictures--I can't help myself!

Heather Taylor, Misty Silence

From our visit to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse yesterday. Fog, solitude, the sea moving -- magnificent. Credits: All Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Papers from the New kit and Today I freebie. Button also from the New kit. Fonts: butterbrotpapier and 1942 Report. Journaling reads: they float / strung out on / their cosine / curve / in misty / silence


  1. beautiful, I love the grey tones and the "foggy" feeling of the paper, goes way too well with your picture :)

  2. Très très belle page et la photo est magnifique!!!

  3. you are right, the really work well together. Beautiful page!

  4. J'aime l'atmosphere Foggy de cette page... les papiers collent pile poil à ta merveilleuse photo...
    I'd like to walk on this sand...

  5. Quelle merveilleuse harmonie dans cette page !

  6. reste béate d'admiration devant la photo!!!


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