Thursday, October 29, 2009

New: Tangled Twirls and Paper Pieces: Houses 1

At Pixel Canvas, 2 compleeeeeeeeeeeeetely different kits! *lol* Tangled Twirls is an elegant, gentle, beautiful kit full of curves and grace:

Heather T., Tangled Twirls

Natalia made this:

By Mihiana:

By JustK (Karen):

The second kit is a fun collection of layered templates that you can use anywhere you might need a cute little house! Check out this hilarious layout by one of my new crewmembers, Jenny (justjen):

Here's the preview for it (and I hope to get time later today to actually scrap with it, sheesh!):

Heather T., Paper Pieces: Houses 1

Have fun everybody! =) Thank you as always for stopping by...


  1. these are awesome Heather and Jen's layout had me cracking UP!

  2. I am LOL at "until the skies change hue and saturation." Brilliant!

  3. This is seriously GORGEOUS! I wish I had the money to buy everything, but I don't; still, I wanted to drop in and tell you how wonderful this kit is!


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