Saturday, September 25, 2010


I don't know why I like those things so much. I'm such a type geek... =)

Everything mine. Font: Clarendon Light.


  1. I must be a type geek too because I also love ampersands! I'm always searching for the perfect one. This one is really nice!!! Lovely layout.

  2. hope you are finishing that book we were talking about, you are such a poet!!

    and I love you being a type geek!!

    the layering is beautiful!!

    and the blogger word verification for my comment is some "noniTYPO" , how weird is that?!!!!

  3. Whooppeeeeeee, Heather! This is awesome - love the poetry and the colors and everything! Congrats on GSO!!!

  4. this is an awesome page, Heather !!!!!


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