Friday, April 4, 2008

In Honor of Soccer

Well, first the layout (I used the clone brush to clone out DH in the middle photo -- sorry honey! and again in the first photo to clone out the woman in grey sweats):

Heather Taylor, Soccer

By the way, notice how the title type is all jammed up against itself (I used Dream Orphans as the font for this, btw)? While in Type Tool mode, place your cursor in front of the letter you want to modify, then press alt+right/left arrow key to make that particular letter shift forward or backward a couple of scooches. You can also highlight a group of letters and do that, or a whole word, or even modify the spacing between words--this is really useful when you don't want a word to break/hyphenate at the end of a paragraph or something (you should never have just one word dangling onto the next line, either--so sayeth the typography ghods!).

I also applied the "reticulation" filter to the rasterized type, which I'd never played with before. I think it's under the Sketch filter group, and it gave the title a nice texture. Stroked it, gave it an inside red shadow (base font color was cone orange), and set it to color dodge, which allowed the middle picture to not be so obscured. I'm still not entirely pleased about the arrangement of the journaling, but I have corrected the typo. =)

And then Allen and I were goofing around today, and here's our second installment of Crocodile the Worm (wherein our hero learns that using your head is not always all it's cracked up to be):

Heather Taylor, Crocodile: Unexpected Consequences

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  1. Good cloning, I had no idea! Great tips. Thanks for sharing ;)


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