Monday, June 16, 2008

A Few Layouts

Whoof! I feel like it's been forever since I've posted--but I've been working like crazy. Starting on a new stamp sheet, as well. Been a while!

Unsurprisingly, lots of Father's Day stuff (compounded by the fact that this past Saturday we went out for a picnic on one of the loveliest days of the year so far: warm, but breezy enough to wear a light jacket; brilliantly sunny; and we picnicked in a field of wildflowers on the highest point on the Oregon Coast, with a splendid view of the ocean...

Heather Taylor, View from up on Cape Perpetua

Here's today's (click for credits):

Heather Taylor, Little, Big

I enjoyed playing with Katie Pertiet's masking tape photomask, but I also enjoyed making my own to blend the two backgrounds together. And those dried flowers and leaves add such depth, it's great!

Here's another that's a fun one. I can't even remember how I found Amy Sumrall's blog, but she was giving away this darling kit (A Walk In The Park), and I snatched it up! I sure practiced my extraction skills on this one... ;0

Heather Taylor, Family Reunion

And in a totally different style, a rather graphic design that I came up with, inspired by a piece of Japanese patterned paper I saw somewhere, which consisted of little pastel triangles that were each slightly faded at one side, printed on a nice, textural hand-made paper. So I placed a random grid of guides on my layout, then selected random rectangles and filled them with a gradient going from color to transparent, all in the same direction. This, I placed over a background of a scanned piece of handmade Thai paper, which I recolored a bit. The end result is a visually intriguing blend of texture versus flat, as well as highly saturated color versus a lesser one. The light, cool grays of the photos were a perfect (and serendipitous!) foil for all the color, movement, and texture going on, and I really like how it came out!

Heather Taylor, Hold On

Have a great week! I have a feeling there might be a couple more freebies this week... ;)

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