Thursday, June 19, 2008

Line Drawing--An Easy Way Out

I really had fun being inspired by , an urban clothing outfitter from Portugal I found cruising around on the web today. My layout started out the same, but I didn't have the kind of picture they did, and the way things were placed on an 8x8 layout, I had to change things around slightly... then there was all this unsightly white (black) space. So I filled it in with the giraffe and the train!

Both were from photos I'd taken. I extracted the objects, then ran the Stylize-->Find Edges filter on them. This produced some funky white images with variously colored lines on them. I then fiddled around with the levels to get the colors as dark as possible, then desaturated the layer, then fiddled around more with the levels to get as close to pure black and white as possible. For the final step, I inverted them (so the lines were white, the bulk of the object black), then lowered the opacity so they didn't stand out so much...

By the way... I recalibrated my computer today. What a difference! (I like this calibration site as well: Photo Friday)

Heather Taylor, Waiting for the MAX


  1. Very edgey! As in cutting edge.

  2. HOLY COW.

    I absolutely LOVE this layout. Thank you so much for including your steps too.


  3. another great LO Heather!!! and yes, doesn't calibration make a world of difference!! DH is always fixing mine when it's off, he can't stand things that aren't well calibrated. There's some colour ones too out there somewhere, to make sure you don't have too much green, or pink!!!


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