Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun Word Art Generator

Esther at 2Peas turned me onto this: wordle.net. It's a fun little Java applet that allows you to turn text into word art, and it gives you several different options for layout, font, and color. Cool, huh?

Poor little Allen, though...

Heather Taylor, Summer Cold

Credits: Word art generated by wordle.net (thanks for the pointer, Esther!). Ribbon by Anne Langpap, recolored (2Peas, May Freebie). Arrow mine from DSO-Graffito kit. All the rest of the grunge and scribbles by Veronica Ponce (2Peas, Venice Beach). For the 2Peas kit challenge.

PS: I couldn't find a way to save the image to my computer without making it available on the public gallery, though. It does have a "print" option, however, so I printed it to my .pdf printer, then opened the .pdf in Photoshop at 300 dpi--total breeze!


  1. This is a fabulous site. I have had so much fun with it. I think it can become addicting though! Thanks for turning us on to it!

  2. LOL - what a great cool site Heather. I spent quite a while mucking about there. I couldn't save the files either. Guess I'll just have to invest in a .pdf printer!

  3. Very clever, love printing things onto PDF!
    That looks GREAT!!!

  4. ooh, and I hope poor litle Allen gets better soon, we're in sniffles season now. Yuk! But Summer colds just should be outlawed, like mums/moms getting sick, that's just not right!!

  5. Oh thanks Heather, this looks really cool. I saved the site, will explore it later. I sure like what you did with it!!

  6. awesome layout!! thanks for the info on wordle. i'll have to check it out!!

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