Sunday, November 23, 2008

Illustration Friday: Opinion

Word of the week: "opinion" -- I hope writing can be part of the illustration... (Click for larger, (mostly) legible version)

Heather Taylor, Opinion


i saw a little scene
a father screaming at his son
hitting him on the shoulders
right where he knew the child
had a terrible sunburn

my opinion of this man
was not the most flattering

another time
i spoke with a man and his wife
about churches (this was in the South)
and listened to their reasons
for attending at least every two weeks
which was the minimum a man
of his standing
could afford to go they told me

my opinion of these reasons
greatly informs my skepticism

i have heard white people
scoff at the possibility of parity
between themselves and a black person
i have heard black people
scream hatred at 200 year old oppressors
who happened to be born 20 years ago
i have felt the spit of apoplexy
from women burned by men
and i've shrivelled under the scorn
of men whose mindscape includes no females


the grip of emotion
the shadowscreen of our lives

opinion is not often


  1. i love the poem...


    the grip of emotion
    the shadowscreen of our lives

    opinion is not often

    beautiful... love the illustrations as well... the grip of the claw... and the screen from the text... i don't know if you meant it like that... but anyways... :)

  2. very strong image and great peom.

  3. love the words and the illustration.

  4. I agree "opinion is not often reason."

    Love your scrapbook ideas & artwork! I'm hoping the inspiration will get me to work on my planned project over the holidays.

  5. Deep one, Heather. I'm so glad you are exploring IF! : )

  6. One of the beauties of illustration is that words can work so well in i t- both telling stories in similar ways, feeding off each other & enlarging each other.

  7. Beautiful and powerful words and images!

  8. Very instightful writing and strong illo to go with it. Really nice work.

  9. Really nice piece! Nice illustrations and great poem.

  10. Enjoyed your words. Illustration & black and white conveys your sentiments.


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