Saturday, November 29, 2008

Layouts: The Winter Coast

A couple of layouts with pictures from beach walks. The sunsets seem so much more colorful in the winter, I'm not sure why. And today was fraught with fog, and the waves were crashing really far out, creating old man dreads rippling towards shore...

Heather Taylor, Stillness

I've done nothing to the photo except crop it (then invert it and take a bit out of the lower part), and only used some brushwork on the background to get it to blend... Font: King.

Heather Taylor, Glory

All 2Peas: 3 papers in the background by Veronica Ponce (Venice Beach kit) with different directions of layer masks overtop, and 2 swirls by Rhonna Farrer (V14 and V4 Swirls). Fonts: 1913 Underwood and You Are Loved. No journaling--'nuff said!


  1. The picture with the birds is wonderful! I love it!

  2. boy Heather, you have been busy!!!! I love all the pages you created, this one is just gorgeous, I thought they were brushes!!! Great work

  3. The birds are very cool!
    Love the second layout too -- you make me want to visit the beach with all your awesome photos.

  4. Heather, the eerieness of the birds in the fog is awesome ... I love looking at your photographs - you have such a great eye!

  5. I love your Oregon coast lo's!! My kids went to the US a few years ago on holiday, one to NYC, the other to San Francisco. Both brought me posters home. My daughter brought the Heceta Head lighthouse and my son the Oregon coastline!!! I can't afford to travel now, so your LO's are special to me!!!


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