Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy Scrapping Evening!

DH & DS being out of town gave me a chance to engage in some mad scrapping last night, and this is what it produced:

A Child's Power

Heather Taylor, A Child's Power

Everything at Pixel Canvas. Vinnie Pearce's Summer Papers for the overlay on the background (blended with something of mine), her butterfly paper from Naturals, and her glitter splat on the left. Butterfly is from my Faery Lights, and stitching and heart are from my Brief Elegance kit. Font: Kevinandamanda. Journaling reads:

"When you are a boy, there is little you can do to influence others except perhaps make the gulls fly."

Sisyphus, Revisited:

Heather Taylor, Sisyphus, Revisited

This child cracks me up...

Everything from my Pause-Café kit @ GDWI (and one paper from the Add On). Font: Auburn. Journaling reads: "It's time to go, so of course you MUST sweep all the footprints off the beach."

Sweet Baby Boy:

Heather Taylor, Sweet Baby Boy

Allen @ 9 months... and in the original picture, riding on a tiny toy pony!

Everything by Cheeky Monkey Creative @ Pixel Canvas, mostly from her "Sweet Baby Boy" kit--except for the cream button, which is from the "Lovely" kit.

Our Massive, Quiet Friends:

Heather Taylor, Our Massive, Quiet Friends

(Our massive, quiet friend would be that huge tree hanging off the side of the trail)

Everything from Pixel Canvas, mostly from Ashley Kennedy Designs, A Walk In The Park. Little tree is from her Trees in the Park. Font: Diggs My Hart. Journaling reads: "finally it is dry enough for us to go exploring again, to revisit our massive, quiet friends and see how they’ve survived the winds of winter."

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