Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New In The Shop: Unforgotten (Pixel Canvas)

Up a bit early this week:

Heather T., Unforgotten

Kit Includes:

- 10 textured arty papers
- 2 large masks (preview shows them much smaller)
- 2 frames, one in copper verdigris, another made of stitching holes with a few straggly stitches
- 3 different metal tags
- 2 ribbon elements: one bow (with and without shadow), and one ribbon & bow full page border
- 3 separate floral elements, one of which also comes as a brush
- 2 pieces of word art, one decorated with a spray of forget-me-nots
- a quill and ink pot sticker
- a broom, one decorated with ribbon and ivy, the other plain
- a heart locket with a little gem
- a painted owl

And some layouts:

My "Hidden Beauties":

Heather Taylor, Hidden Beauties

Fonts: Bickham Script Pro and Goudy Old Style. Journaling reads: "We usually see this pond from the perspective of the inset photo, but this day we
explored on the path from the house to the beach, and suddenly found a blue stillness graced by a young family of mallard ducks."

By Timounette, "So Quiet":

Timounette, So Quiet

Photo mask by Vinnie Pearce, Border by Timounette

By Kim, "First Dog":

Kim, First Dog

And a beautiful tribute to her parents, by Tracy Little (5angels), "Never Forgotten":

Tracy Little, Never Forgotten

And finally, another one of mine, a bit more personal and intense, "Never, Ever Forget {That I Love You}:

Heather Taylor, Never, Ever Forget

Some back story: Allen has never slept well, and to this day he still sleeps in our bed or else his nightmares would awake him enough so that he would stay awake all night (trust me on this). And if he takes a nap, he wakes up feeling some combination of mad/sad--he still is incapable of verbalizing what goes on for him. Anyway, a couple of days ago he fell asleep in the living room after a really long bike ride with his dad, and when we went to carry him into bed, he woke up... and we ended up with a 2-hour screaming fit on our hands. *sigh* Being the parent of a super-bright child is not often easy. Anyway, the next day it was as if it never had happened--for him.

Credits: Everything from my Unforgotten kit (Pixel Canvas), except for the feather which is from the EcoFabulous Collab kit. Fonts: Butterbrotpapier, Telegraphem, and Harting.

Thanks for looking!! New kit coming out tomorrow/Friday at Get Digi With It, too... *pant, pant*


  1. Oh Heather I love this kit!

    To bad about your son......My oldest used to have night terrors too he out grew them. BUT still has {at 21} alot of trouble getting to sleep at night.

  2. I hate to hear of Allen's sleepless nights. Hopefully with time the nightmares/terrors will subside. I used to sleepwalk and now don't. Would wake up in the closet(go figure)-- lol!! Now I sleeptalk, which the DH thinks is funny... me not so I have no recollection - who knows what secrets he is getting out of me at night!! Your pages are awesome. I love the kit -- a little dramatic flair to the pages with the pop of red -- just love 'em. You are so arty!!!!

  3. Beautiful kit. Love the berry branch element! The sample works are gorgeous, too. Sending good wishes about Allen's sleeping.

  4. I didn't know the back story ... you must be exhausted! Is that why you're up in the middle of the night reading blogs?

    Sending you some good cyber thoughts and ((hugs.))

  5. I came to thank you for posting a kind comment on my blog and I've fallen in love with this kit, so off to buy it!


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