Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Greatest Gift

Heather Taylor, The Greatest Gift

Everything by Vinnie Pearce @ Pixel Canvas. Background is a blend of papers from The Rose Garden, Woodlands Park - Boys, and the photo at a larger size. Heart on a ribbon is from Pieces of Me II, and the branch is from the recent NSD Chat Freebie. Heart is from Drama Queen, and button from Timeout. Fonts are Butterbrotpapier, VT Remington, and Soul Misson. Journaling reads:

"today, on mother's day,
i think of you
and how i always rediscover
discovery itself
the brightness of the mind
fired by imagination
where a few rocks
on the beach
become an island surrounded
by dangerous waters
and there's no way to get off
when it's time to go
you were late in my life
i never conceived of how a child
would launch me into the unknown
all those years i fought
to establish stability
and along you came to prove to me
that orderliness and rules
are not comfort for everyone
and that perhaps i should rethink
what i have been calling freedom
you, the laughter of my soul, are in fact
my greatest gift of all"


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