Friday, October 1, 2010

More Copics

While in Portland this week, I dropped by The Paper Zone, which I don't recommend to anyone who doesn't want to hear an enthusiastic sucking sound as the cash flies out your pocket.

I there found out that Neenah's Classic Crest (I picked the whitest, which was Solar Crest) was one of the best Copic papers. 1 ream. Kaching! Then, I just had to get some Kromekote (by SmartPapers) to do all the alcohol ink techniques on glossy paper that I learned at my workshops last week. 1 ream. Kachingggg! Plus, some Tsukineko Memento dye ink--used it tonight with the Copics, and everybody is right, it's awesome and smearless--and a Martha Stewart (yeah, I know) Scoring Board so I could recreate some of the awesome folded cards I learned about. KACHING!

So tonight, I got out my cardstock, the Copics, and the Memento, and made this:

The one thing that did smear when I painted the whole thing with a crayon watercolor wash at the end was their hair. I'm not sure if it was because it was a larger area of Memento ink, or if it was the Copic black marker that I used to darken the hair. Ah well, live and learn... =) The card is kind of cool, as you're seeing a scan of the *inside*. The card opens up like a double door cupboard, and is kept closed with some gold cord looped around two buttons attached to the side panels. The stamp is one of mine from Art Neko.


  1. THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY WORD. I actually like that thier hair is a tad smeared, it kind of adds a bit of "aura" to the ladies. Wow. Stunning. Gorgeous. OH MY WORD. Heahter you are way too talented!

  2. Heather, this is just unreal, totally love it! the detail is astounding.

  3. I Love it Heather, just gorgeous colors.
    I struggle with copics sadly.

  4. Just beautiful, Heather! Don't know why the hair smeared, but it didn't hurt the image a bit! I always knew you were a genius, and you're also a quick study! You seemed to get lots of info and inspiration from your classes. Just the right kind to take! And, yes, I bought the Martha Stewart board, too. grimaces. . .

    Do you have a blending pen? #0
    Just wondering. . .

  5. Gorgeus card! I really enjoy seeing these traditional creations, takes me back to when I was all into card-making too :P

    Since I don't have scrapbook store, for me, art supply stores are where my $$$ evaporates.

    Whenever I go to a new store, I always walk out with something. Most of the times it's a new sketchbook, notebook or sheets of watercolor paper :P (I say you can't never have too much of these!)

  6. Gorgeous, Heather!! Wow! Since I used to hit the craft stores all the time - I can sympathize with the kachinggggggg!!!! :)

  7. Gorgeous card, Heather, you are mastering the Copic technique very well. I love the alcohol pens because they don't leave streaks.



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