Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cozy Warm Christmas @ MScraps -- and a winner!

 OK! Happy Thanksgiving everybody! It's close to Friday in Holland, though, so my newest kit, Cozy Warm Christmas, is finally live, and on sale--and the rest of my shop at MScraps is on sale at 40% off, too--so stock up!

I've been astounded at the variety of layouts my team has made. This is a really large kit, however, so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised! I did make it in slightly non-traditional colors so that people across the world could use it. That's important to me!

By Ona:

By Jean H.

By Romy:

By Vera:

By Sandrine:

By Ulla-May:

By Julie:

By Jen:

By Karen:

Oh, and since I asked all of them to make 3 pages each, and some made even more..... I can't tell you how difficult it was to choose these!!! *lol* We should all have such problems...


The winner of this kit is the first Barbara (sorry Barbara-Sokee, not you!)--you guys need to start leaving your e-mail addies, cuz Blogger doesn't show them to me (or I don't know how to find them). So Barbara, please e-mail me! Here was Mr. Random's list:

List Randomizer

There were 12 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. 8. Barbara
  2. 6. DoggiNo
  3. 5. T
  4. 1. May
  5. 9. Monica A.
  6. 4. Tracy
  7. 3. Lisa
  8. 2. Pam
  9. 10.
  10. 12. Barbara
  11. 7. Dady
  12. 11. Helena
I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful day, whether it's Thanksgiving, or a plain ole Thursday.

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    1. Oohh! It's gorgeous and the pages are sooo beautiful!!
      Congrats to the winner!


    If you want an answer directly, please provide your e-mail, as I'm unable to access it... =) Thanks!