Friday, January 21, 2011

AlphaFrames 2

And today, on an entirely different note, I bring you AlphaFrames 2 at MScraps! Here you get two entire frame alphas, one large, one small (cuz if you reduce the large ones too much the line completely fades). Fun for all kinds of things!

By Julie (with Boy Oh Boy):

(with Ephemeral, AlphaWords, Lena, and Out Of Line Dates):

By Sandrine (with Boy Oh Boy):

And even a hybrid project by Ana Paula:

So fun!! 20% off till Monday, as usual! Have a most excellent weekend everybody...


  1. LOL! I was wondering why the frames were both large and small!! You are always so thoughtful, Heather, both in your designs and your instructions! And it's a good thing - with pupils like me!! LOL :)

  2. I soooo love these frames, well actually all your "Alpha" line!!!


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