Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Think I'll Have Tea @ MScraps!

This is late--we've been out of town, and DH learned at the last minute that he needed to take his laptop with him to take notes--no paper handouts this year! So I'm only now getting serious access to the net... Anyway, this new kit is still on sale till Tuesday, I think (whenever the MScraps sale ends). Even though I called it I Think I'll Have Tea, it's more about playing grown-up than it is about really having tea. Hope you'll enjoy it and have great fun with it!

And of course there's great art to go along with it:

By Lisa:

By Romy:

By Vera:

By Krisztina:

By Patti:

By "Iciclelady":

Another by Lisa:

And finally, by me:

I hope you're having a wonderful MScraps birthday bash, ande a great weekend in general. Thank you so much for all your comments--such a nice thing to read when far from home!

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