Thursday, January 13, 2011

AlphaFrames, and AlphaYou!

Ok, my typographical mania continues, culminating this week in frames (AlphaFrames), AND, the opportunity for YOU to request whatever your little heart desires, either as a frame, a strip, or a capital letter shape. Here are the pre-made frames:

And here are the personalized AlphaYou examples:

I'm so excited about being able to make something special *just for you*! Each one takes about 2 hours to make, so unless I'm totally flooded with orders, I should be able to get it to you within 3 business days (and, knowing me, probably a lot faster!). Wouldn't that make for an impressive present layout, though? Even a canvas!

Here are some samples with both the frames, and the personalized wordart:

By Guess Who:

By Ulla-May:

By Jean:

By Vera:

*sigh* I love my CT members... =)

Anyway, as usual, 20% till Monday, so snap 'em up! =)


  1. sigh. I love your CT members too. Such gorgeous work!

  2. Hello little sparrow,
    this is a bit of a nifty space you've got here!
    I enjoy the photo-goodness you have on display!
    Happy blogging you! x x x

  3. love these frames Heather! And I am loving Ulla-May's baby layout with it - so fresh!


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