Monday, April 18, 2011

Tickle Your Tuesday!

It's Tuesday! Well, somewhere it is. And that means there are some 50% off deals @ MScraps: Word Gems, and Healing: Templates.

Plus, it was sunny today, I could hardly believe it! So I got to draw in my new little drawing book/journal by Jill Bliss. We went to the beach, and Allen dug in the sand, the dog dug in the sand and then shared it, and I sat on a rock and drew. Not a work of art, but it was fun to examine something in such detail, and then try and get it on paper!


  1. lovely! how fun it is to get out and draw :) a peaceful time~

    we don't have much vegetation over here.. then again, we don't have rain either :D

  2. Oh cute! I wonder if a kit will be made around that leaf :)

  3. I just had to let you know what an amazing artist you are. Your kit is fabulous and your drawing is so pretty! I love looking at all your goodies, you are something else! :) Miss ya!


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