Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Card, Some Layouts

Fancy that, a card! And not just any card--a card with actual sewing *everybody go "ooooh"* =)

Seriously, it took me almost an hour to sew all those beads to a piece of felt. I'm pathetic. *lol* But it came out ok... The reason I did this is because I made this cool piece of background paper (matte coated white paper with butterscotch Ranger alcohol ink) and couldn't find a single retro stamp to go with it. The brown paper is stamped, though, with a retired Tapestry Stamps piece.

Heather T., Beads

And some layouts. You get to see what I do everyday just by following these in succession (I'll start with the oldest first):

We went to the dentist.

At The Dentist's: Take Two

We went, we sat, we objected... we left. But we didn't scream. Score!!

Credits: Everything by Erica Hernandez at 2Peas. Base is her Letter Template 18 (modified to fit a 12x12). All papers are from the Haphazard mini-kit, except for the green (Martha Stewart freebie). Owl from the retroACTIVE kit. Fonts: Switzerland Condensed Bold and Oregon LDO. Journaling reads: "Still no cleaning, but at least we got 1/4 of an X-ray."

We went to the beach.

Yachats River Beach

Got a Gallery Standout on this one... Credits: Everything 2Peas. Kate Teague for the background (a blend of one of her Dirty Stocks and a The Basics - Beige). Sande Krieger for the rest: frames from the French Laundry Photo Cards, borders along the edge from Borderlines 6, and brads from The Basics - Brads 2. Fonts: Soul Mission and Last Words; journaling reads: "Yachats: always the same, always different, always beautiful."

We went on a shopping-social tour of Yachats, with Daddy, who occasionally comes home on weekends.

Heather Taylor, Utterly Unique

New slicker, new sunglasses (in the shape of a crab, with pincers that flip up). What a kid. =)

Everything from Sande Krieger at 2Peas, except for the word art (mine). Masks in the middle are from the French Laundry Photo Edges v. 5. Bright papers are from the Sidewalk Chalk Papers, and the background paper from Sidewalk Chalk Pastels. The edges on the purple paper are from the Borderlines 5 kit.

We went to the beach.

Heather Taylor, Sun-Water-Sand

Everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Template from the "Give Me Simple - 2 Pagers - Set 01" (gray paper comes with the template). Buttons from "School Days." Stitching from the "Us" freebie. Fonts: Soul Mission and Last Words. Title distressed with Vinnie's Distress Brushes Set 01.

We wore comfy pyjamas.

Heather Taylor, I See You

Credits: Everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. I See + block, and "YOU" from her Big Word Mask Set 01. Paper clipped to the 1st mask from He's Royalty (as well as the moon and star). Paper clipped to the 2nd mask from Birthday Papers. Love and little heart medallion from Love SoftiStickers. Font: Pooh. Journaling reads: "I see you, ready for the night's ride with your best friend, ready to settle down and read stories with Daddy, and cuddle."

I made a grunge kit.

Heather Taylor, Wait Up

How can time go so quickly, and so slowly, all at once? And did I tell you that he's starting 2nd grade on Wednesday?

Credits: Everything by me (Heather T., Get Digi With It). Papers, word art, frame, clock back, fence border, and arrows from the Industrious kit. Teddy bear from the GDWI March Collaboration kit. Slight color splash bottom right from the Innocent Surprise kit. Robot from the How It Works kit. Butterfly from the Luxuriant kit. Font: 1550. Journaling reads: "Wait up! This growing up business is happening way too fast."

And now, once again, it's 2am. It's the end of the month--all my websites had to be updated tonight. And I have my last set of articles to write for Scrapbook News & Review this week... plus some other stuff that I'm really excited about--nothing big!--but I can't tell you yet. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and week!


  1. love the card! How did you make that background? looks wonderful! And the beads are a nice touch too :)

  2. Love the card, oohing at the beading. How can you not tell me the news?!?

  3. J'aime toutes tes pages !!!! Elles sont tellement créatives et originales !

  4. time out! I love the word art on the "utterly unique" layout. Is that yours???? How do I get my hands on it? I NEED the crayon look, is that yours too? SO COOL!

  5. ooooohhh -- that beading. pefect touch to the paper for an awesome card.
    Love these layouts - heather, you always have the most creative ideas.


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