Monday, July 20, 2009

A couple of cards...

I was experimenting tonight with gold on black...

Heather T, Black & Gold Courtesan

Stamp by Art Neko

I found that embossing in black on black cardstock was way cool, and the best gold coverage I could find was using a credit card to spread Golden Acrylics over the embossed image. When I used a lightly corrugated black-striped cardstock, I got this cool ripple effect...

The other card I really liked was this one:

Heather Taylor, Pearl-Ex Woman

Stamp by Non Sequitur

Here I mixed Pearl-Ex powders with a dab of Golden Matte Gel, and just painted it on. I really liked seeing it go a bit free form...


  1. Wow, looks great. I can't remember the last time I made a card... ha!

  2. oooooooh, love it! Sometimes the best stuff evolves from just playing around and experimenting.

  3. ooohhh ahhhh heather I love them..

    I have pictures up on my blog. Come see I know your busy.

  4. wow, Heather, I love the second one! it looks just like it was handpainted onto the card :)

    have you checked Jennifer McGuire's class at two peas? She shares some awesome techniques that look really neat in cards :D (here's the page with all the videos:

  5. Those are both really pretty!

  6. I really love the first card, but you know me I adore all things Asian orientated. I love the ripple effect, makes the card more alluring and the black/gold perfect combination! That would be fantastic framed :) The second card I like, the pearl effects - cool art!

  7. Love these cards, Heather! I'm having fun creating digital ATCs. I wanted to tell you that your text lessons are taking hold! I printed out a layout, stared at it, and wondered what was wrong. Then I realized that the text wasn't following the closest element. It looked so much better after I fiddled around and arranged it!! Thanks from Julie


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