Thursday, July 9, 2009

My New Creative Team

It's finally slowed down enough that I can write a few blog posts to catch you up. I had a very successful CT call, and was so pleased to welcome the following artists into my CT:

Cheryl (Gonewiththewind):

Annette (vdannette):

Lorell (Carrottop):


Natalka (natalka174):

Karen (justk):


Valérie (mihiana):

Alice (juliegoodgirl)

Those are the new guys... but there are a few more power artists from the first team who are still willing to bear with me:

Julie K. (juliekintaiwan):

Sandrine (timounette):

Stéphanie (Soleen):

and finally, Katherine (Aussiekat):

I'm so happy and greatful that they're using my stuff to make such cool layouts! Thanks team!


  1. Wow, Heather... you are truly an inspiration to us all.... your CT is fabulous (good to see some friends on board!) and your creations are so beautiful and creative.

  2. wow - you got a GREAT team - congrats... and congrats to all the girls who made it !!!!

  3. Wow Heather, your picked a great team! All the LO's are FANTASTIC, showing your amazing kits perfectly! YOu must be so excited, congrats on your ct team! ... and congrats to your CT Team!

  4. Oh! Congrats, Heather!!
    Your team is AWESOME!!

  5. holy smokes - your team is incredibly talented! I can't stop staring at that first layout - I love it!

  6. WOW -- that's some serious creative style you have showcased above -- loved seeing all the layouts!

  7. What an awesome team you have here! I'm not sure who is luckier... you to have all this talent on your creative team, or them to get to work with all your stuff!


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