Monday, May 10, 2010

Two Beautiful New Products @ MScraps!

Over The Moon and Out of Line: Borders are available today @ MScraps! They are my new favorites... =)

Here's Over The Moon:

And Out of Line: Borders:

Those borders are a TON of fun to play with!!

And my creative team... Ooh la la, they rock!

Jen (justjen):

Sandrine (timounette):

Julie (maggiemae):

Me (heathert):

St├ęphanie (soleen):

And if you hop over to my Facebook page (link on right), you might find something to help with buying all that (for a couple of days, anyway)...


  1. omg, these are beautiful, but I am IN LOVE with those masks or whatever you call them - the multi ones with one photo inserted in them? LOVE THEM.

    And your creative team is just phenomenal.

  2. Beautiful stuff Heather! I have to say I love the kit preview like that. I can see the papers so much easier.

  3. All really pretty stuff Heather!


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