Friday, January 18, 2008

Back to Paper

Ok, well if I'm bad at something, I need to practice, so here I go! I was cruising through the Designer Digitals fora today (for some reason--HOF 2008?--the forum at 2Peas has been really dead lately, and I'm looking for inspiration), and found a link with a cool challenge to The challenge was about tying your photo to your journaling by using colorblocking (or at least, that's how I read it). They used an inspiration by Jessica Sprague, I think, in one of her books, that was indeed very pretty.

So here's mine for that:
Heather Taylor, 'In The Now'

(Font: Rosemary Modern.)

Took me forever, as usual... I like it ok, but it's not super. The background is pretty cool, and I think the journaling block works ok, especially after I put that third blue one in the middle, but it's lacking... je ne sais quoi. Annoying to not be able to pinpoint it! =) The brushes were fun, though.

So, from there I flitted to Designer Digital's main blog, Designer Details. There, I found a Saturday Scraplift that I think is still current, about patterned paper. Perfect! I've been cruising through galleries taking notes on what I like about people's use of paper. This is a scraplift, so there's a certain format, and that will help me get a start on trying to CONQUER PAPER *said in tones of triumph, but with a certain tinge of stark terror* ...

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