Friday, January 25, 2008

In the age of speed...'s so easy to become frustrated over the funniest stuff. Like tonight, when both 2Peas AND Digishoptalk are down at the same time. Yeesh, and me with a new layout to post! Fine, I'll post it here then... =)

A touch of melancholy, again. Allen and I had a wonderful hour or so at Ona Beach Park, between Seal Rock and Newport. Here's a picture of him running on the sand--we were playing catch the shadow. Look at the golden glow around his hair! I know you're not "supposed" to shoot into the light, but it really gives some cool effects--this photo was hardly retouched at all (I just took out a few distracting bright spots from shells on the beach).

Fonts: Footlight MT Light & Playwright (err, I didn't mean for them to rhyme!). Shell image is my design for a stamp at Art Neko. Journaling reads: "I just hope that these fleeting bursts of ecstasy will somehow be inscribed on your psyche, and accompany you throughout your life to draw on in darker moments."

Heather Taylor, 'The Golden Hour'

It's not anything spectacular, but I did work with the paper a bit (the bottom layer is a scan of gold momigami).

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