Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back To Your Regular Programming

See? I can just spit these out in an hour... helps to have wonderful photos. We spent an hour and a half playing yesterday--I took 133 photos!--and this morning, zippedy-doo, there's another that I really like.

Heather Taylor, 'Winter Day'

(Fonts: Miasm & Erie Light. Dots by Rhonna Farrer from her Celebration kit @ 2Peas. Journaling reads: "January 2008. Don't be fooled by the pretty colors--it was freezing out there, and we wandered around with red hands as we explored our found objects in the frigid waters of the bay. You jumped over rocks and stepped in lurking puddles, and flung yourself in front of the camera so I'd stop taking pictures. We made leaf boats (that turned upside-down), and threw cedar sticks to watch them float into the ocean, and played catch-me-if-you-can with the waters tumbling in as the tide rose." )

Tech notes: See how the dots (which are one brush) and the title are light on the top, yet dark enough to show up on the white background? I duplicated both layers. One was set to normal, the other to screen, then I simply deleted the top half from the normal layers... easy! Oh, and I squooshed the Miasm font. Usually, it's a bad idea to warp type like that, but the body of the type stayed uniform and regular in this case, because all the parts were the same width and got squooshed by the same amount. I wanted something grungy to go with the dots, but couldn't find a lot that wasn't a pseudo-typewriter font...

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