Saturday, January 26, 2008


This is a scraplift of Designer Digitals' Designer of the month, VShalini Pearce (in particular, "A Boy's First Hero"). I have long loved all of her stuff, so I encourage you to check out her elegant layouts. Everything's mine in this layout. Font: Garamond Premier Pro Bold, Semi-Bold Italic, and Regular.

Heather Taylor, 'Pensive'

You would not *believe* how much time I spent on this sucker. =) The background has an immense amount of layering (the more layers, the more I was convinced that it looked awful). Those brown blocks behind the paper (which is based on a scan of wallpaper) are a whole separate texture file that took me at least an hour to feel comfortable with.

At least I finally discovered the difference between setting your opacity lower, and setting your flow (or fill, in the layer palette) lower. If you're trying to make marks in white on a black background, for example, setting the opacity lower means you get varying shades of gray. Adjusting the flow, however, means it's still white, just variations on faint--so if you "scrub" with your pen/mouse you'll eventually get a fat white line instead of just a faint one.

I'm also pretty pleased with my colombine stamp, too.

Ok, off to play with my little pensive boy... isn't he gorgeous?

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