Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Single Photo Layouts

I find it really difficult to suborn some of my amazing nature shots (I rush to clarify: amazing because of the content, not the technical skill) to the dictates of scrapbooking--I always want the photo to be front and center. It's really difficult to figure out what to do if you have a photo that just claims all the attention!

Here's a recent shot that I hope I've managed to frame subtly, without detracting from the photograph itself. I think it does help, also, if you really pay attention to the narrative that accompanies the visuals--journaling should enrich and deepen the viewer's understanding of the layout's story.

Fonts: Times New Roman Italic & Mea Culpa. Journaling reads: "If the tide shoulders its way through this narrow, rocky gullet deep against the sheer cliff--the highest point along the Oregon coast--the incoming waves bear a weighty layer of dense foam that splatters against the patient and frigid shore in dripping white frocks. The waters may be turbulent, but it is really that ocean-whipped cream that calls forth the name of Devil's Churn."

Sea Foam by Heather Taylor

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  1. hehe, you'll notice I'm going back in time to find that elusive tutorial (I'm about to email you!!)
    This picture is beautiful, looks like a sea of milk!!!


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