Monday, January 21, 2008

Speaking of running with what you have...

A couple more challenges today. The first on 2Peas was to use an image AS IS - no cropping, focusing, changing light, sharpening, nothing. So I used this fun picture of Allen from the other day--he was a bit too close, and the focus is actually on the far part of his hair.

Heather Taylor, 'Mischievous'

I had fun playing with the typography (font is Coolvetica) on that one: the bottom of "Mom..." touches the red line and the left edge, the top of the "you'd better..." is touching the red line, and the end is touching the right edge, and the "mischievous" is touching both edges and the bottom of the lower line of type. I love it when it all works out! By the way, did you know you could kern type (move letters closer or farther away) by using alt+right/left arrow? I used the kerning on "mischievous" between the e and v, and v and o to make the spacing more balanced.

The second was in response to a challenge by Jessie Edwards over at Designer Digitals for the ad challenge. It's a series of brushes with very jaggedy, rough edges. Definitely not my style, but I love pushing myself, so went with it:

Heather Taylor, 'Fashion Slide'

Fonts are Sabotage and Antique Type. I used the heavy wax crayon smear brush to do the erasing, which was kind of fun. After I'd finished these two, I realized that they're both "flat"--no drop shadows or any kind of 3-D effects. I guess that works here!

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