Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have been newly promoted... to Locavore!

*giggles* I think that means "eating locally-grown food" -- for some variation of "local." But I was really excited to day to pick up my first delivery of local-ish grown veggies from a farm about 50 miles away (over the mountains)!

The Gathering Together Farm crew delivers them to a wonderful local bakery, The Green Salmon Café, and then we all show up Saturday morning to get our box (we actually repack the veggies to take them home--I happened to find this old basket in our garage which I thought was perfect!). We all = whoever signed up for the food share program--there was a minimum specified of 10 people for our tiny town.

This is what we got this week:

Contents: 1.5 lb Colorado Rose Potatoes, Baby Onions, Spinach, Dill, Mustard Greens Bunch, Carrots, White Turnips, Red Leaf Lettuce, Green Garlic, 1 Cucumber. Yummmmmmm! Gonna have a greens smorgasbord for sure, and not sure what else--roasted veggies, perhaps, with fresh rosemary from the garden?

Hope you guys find some great foods at your local Farmer's Market this weekend! Bon appétit... =)


  1. fifty miles is fine if you don't have to drive it...
    you are lucky they deliver...the most local "market" I have is where they grow and sell strawberries - 1 mile

    the rest (Farmer's Market, healthy, local stuff is in and in-front of Whole Foods in Roseville, 13 miles from me...
    I am somewhat reluctant to go there just for veggies...I could do the whole grocery load at Whole Foods but that would empty my wallet significantly there ... :-S
    so I usually go to Raley's, much closer, smaller carbon imprint :-))

  2. What a neat idea!!! Totally love that! And your basket looks yummy! :D

  3. Love the whole idea and the photos make me want to eat veggies - that in itself is a miracle!!! :)

  4. That looks great!!! We have something like that in France too. I love it! :) Bisous !!!


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