Friday, June 24, 2011

Making Up!

Not out, as one of my crewmembers seems to insist... ;) Anyway, a very cute kit with all kinds of drawing (I guess 'tis the season, or something--I think I feel another one coming on for tomorrow! Drawings, that is, the next kit will take a bit longer... ;)  A-ny-way, Making Up is 20% off till Monday!

And some amazing pages!

By Vera:

By Jenny:

A great double-pager by Karen:

By GĂ©raldine:

By Marion:

By Sonia:

And really, I had to NOT include so many! Anyway, I do hope you'll stop by MScraps and pick up some of the new goodies. And I think this is the last week for my special, coupon code heathert50, which gives you 50% off your order on orders above $7.50! Have a great weekend everybody! Thanks for dropping by... =)

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  1. Gorgeous kit as usual Heather! And the pages are beautiful! :)


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