Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yup, another in the "Alpha" line--a series of masks with subtle, graphic letters included. Perfect for photos or papers--or stamps, as it also comes with an .abr file. These are way fun!

I just made a layout with it, too (with my Red, White, and Blue kit):

And here are some from the rest of the crew:

By Jenny (so glad her little one is doing well!):

By Lisa:

By Géraldine:

And some more roses by Vera:

By Sandrine:

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday if you're in the States celebrating the 4th, and a wonderful weekend anywhere else! Remember that the masks are 20% off till Monday...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Template Tuesdays (Freebie Template)

#3 is up! Hope you like it--would love a comment if you snag it! The sample page is made with my upcoming "Jump" kit. Just click on the pic to get an immediate download--and Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Making Up!

Not out, as one of my crewmembers seems to insist... ;) Anyway, a very cute kit with all kinds of drawing (I guess 'tis the season, or something--I think I feel another one coming on for tomorrow! Drawings, that is, the next kit will take a bit longer... ;)  A-ny-way, Making Up is 20% off till Monday!

And some amazing pages!

By Vera:

By Jenny:

A great double-pager by Karen:

By Géraldine:

By Marion:

By Sonia:

And really, I had to NOT include so many! Anyway, I do hope you'll stop by MScraps and pick up some of the new goodies. And I think this is the last week for my special, coupon code heathert50, which gives you 50% off your order on orders above $7.50! Have a great weekend everybody! Thanks for dropping by... =)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Not too bad, I guess, for a first try... Added Copic markers for color, and White Sakura Gelly Roll. Black lines with Copic multiliner. 8.5x11".

In Progress...

A good chunk of this is done, but I'm not quite sure where I'm going next... =)

(Copic multiliner on Neenah paper with Ranger Color Washes.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Template Tuesdays (Freebie Template)

W00t! I managed to do a 2nd one in a row! Hope you like it... Just click on the image to download the template. I've included a .psd file with layer styles, a .tiff file with layer styles, a .tiff file with flattened shadows, AND .png layers. Can everybody use at least one of those? If not, drop me a line or comment (with return e-mail, please!) beneath.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Template Tuesdays: PNG files

I was recently made aware of some programs that can't use .psd or .tiff files, and I finally figured out what was needed in terms of .png's (thanks Cheryl!), so if you need the .png's to the first Template Tuesday template, here they are!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have been newly promoted... to Locavore!

*giggles* I think that means "eating locally-grown food" -- for some variation of "local." But I was really excited to day to pick up my first delivery of local-ish grown veggies from a farm about 50 miles away (over the mountains)!

The Gathering Together Farm crew delivers them to a wonderful local bakery, The Green Salmon Café, and then we all show up Saturday morning to get our box (we actually repack the veggies to take them home--I happened to find this old basket in our garage which I thought was perfect!). We all = whoever signed up for the food share program--there was a minimum specified of 10 people for our tiny town.

This is what we got this week:

Contents: 1.5 lb Colorado Rose Potatoes, Baby Onions, Spinach, Dill, Mustard Greens Bunch, Carrots, White Turnips, Red Leaf Lettuce, Green Garlic, 1 Cucumber. Yummmmmmm! Gonna have a greens smorgasbord for sure, and not sure what else--roasted veggies, perhaps, with fresh rosemary from the garden?

Hope you guys find some great foods at your local Farmer's Market this weekend! Bon appétit... =)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Frames and Masks!

Two new goodies for you over @ MScraps: Out of Line: Bits, and Reframed 2.

And a few layouts:
By Romy (Out of Line: Bits):

By Jenny (Out of Line: Bits):

By Sandrine (Out of Line: Bits):

By Karen (Out of Line: Bits):

By France (Out of Line: Bits, and Reframed 2):

By Zara (Reframed 2):

By Géraldine (Reframed 2):

And by Lisa (Reframed 2):

These are both 20% off till Monday, unless of course you grab the chance to use my 50% off coupon:

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Template Tuesdays (Freebie Template)

I used to do this over @ another site, so I thought I'd revive it. Templates come in .psd and .tif files, with the shadows as separate layers (just found out that GIMP can't deal with layer styles). This template preview layout was made with my Red, White, & Blue kit @ MScraps. Just click on the preview to download your freebie template, and have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Red, White, and Blue!

Check out this new kit of mine @ MScraps, on sale 20% off till Monday: Red, White, & Blue!

And take a gander at these awesome layouts!
By Lisa:

By Jenny:

By Nikki:

By Dasha:

By Sonia:

And a little one by me:

So come check out Red, White, & Blue, @ MScraps today! And I hope you have a wonderful weekend. =)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not Too Serious

Not Too Serious is the name of my latest kit. Hehehe. For all the giggly fun moments in your household--and mine!




Here's a layout I made with Allen giggling in front of the sea lion tank yesterday at the Aquarium (I was making up voices for the seals and sea lions as they swept around and around):

And here are some great ones from the crew:

By Jenny:

By Lisa:

By Romy:

By Sandrine:

And there are a bazillion more gorgeous ones--I'm going to post them over @ MScraps!

Have a great weekend!