Friday, May 30, 2014

Productivity Overdrive!

Well, May was a HUGELY BUSY month for me. I had to finish (well, start and finish) a 5'x18" banner for a Midsummer Masquerade fundraiser ball in town. It's been sooooooooo long since I've painted on canvas--I was really scared to start! The 2nd day was the worst, but on the last day I suddenly hit my groove, and the whole thing turned out ok. (You can see it on the fundraiser auction website here.) Plus, I was busy making TWO free kits for 2 different scrapping sites. More on those later in June! So then I figured that if I was going to be featured in June, I should probably have some new stuff in my shops... and *boom!* Creativity happened!

So, I have a new kit for you called Flying Colors (I'd polled my fans on Facebook about whether "Tickled Pink" or "Flying Colors" caught their fancy more, and the latter won). It's nominally about graduation from any grade, but also of course about that exciting and fearful time of change, when you don't really know what's going to happen next... I had to show the brushes, and the word art, separately (click on them to see them full size), cuz of course the kit is huge!

And this, is a coordinating freebie!!

  Not only all that, but I also participated in the MScraps Memory Mix collection, where you can get mix and match pieces for either $1 or $2, depending on how full the packs are. Mine's a delightful collection of beach-themed brushes called Sunsplashed, taken from photographs of my own wanderings, of course!

And furthermore, while I was coming up with my little bead scatters for the Flying Colors kit, I just went ahead and extracted a whole BUNCH of beads, and put them in my commercial use shop (though they're good for CU or PU!):

I will leave you to imagine how long it took to use the pen tool to extract all those babies. Heh.

So there you go! And the end of school is approaching, which means I have less and less to do each day as Allen claws his way through the end of the curriculum--and for me, that means MORE TIME! Can't wait for summer vacation!

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend playing. =)

Friday, May 2, 2014

WAHOO! iNSD is here!

I so love to just burn through all the challenges and make zillions of pages on these weekends... *happy sigh* And hopefully you do too! I have a global 50% sale going on both at the Commercial Use store, and the Personal Use store. So if you need extra goodies, you know where to go! Plus, I have a couple of freebies for you as well! You can pick them up on my Design by Heather T. Facebook page, or scroll down.

Click on this image to go to the PU store:

Click on this image to go to the CU store:

Click on this image to get your Personal Use freebie:

Click on this image to get your Commercial Use freebie (which you can also use for personal use):

Most of all, have a wonderful weekend!!! ♥