Thursday, February 26, 2009

New In The Shop: Industrious

Grunge city!!

5 papers
3 frames (1 with an arrow, 1 with optional shadows)
5 grungy arrows (no shadows)
4 seriously grungy pieces of word art: That Way, Hold on there, wait up, and stop
1 metal brad
1 fence border

I really love the 4-part frame--it's got cool "dirt" overlay bits with it. And guess what??

It's ONLY A DOLLAR for a day! (Well, a little more than a day, since the sale stops at the end of Friday...)

Heather T., Industrious Mini-Kit

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New In The Shop: Luxuriant

Finally finished my new Luxuriant Full Kit--I love how it turned out!

A wonderful kit for your family memories, and a beautiful way to express how much your love for them is important to you. To me, it is a luxury to bask in the love of my family--which I often extend through the process of scrapbooking. The colors and textures in this kit are so rich that it brought that name to mind.


* 16 textured and patterned papers
* 5 frames, all different, one with a translucent ribbon wrap
* 4 raffia page wraps (can be reduced to frame size)
* 2 brushes with butterflies and swirls
* 1 colored butterfly/swirl doodle
* 3 beautifully patterned butterflies
* 6 "silk" flowers and one leaf
* 3 gorgeous pieces of word art
* 1 quickpage

Heather T., Luxuriant

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Freebie: Luxuriant Layered Template/Quickpage

Did this for a Speed Scrap (Saturday nights at 7pm PST, 10pm EST!) at GDWI. It's from a kit I'm working on, but that's not quite ready yet...

Here's my layout:

Heather Taylor, Family Is My Comfort

and here's the template (click on the image to go to the download site):

Heather T., Luxuriant Freebie

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Layout Catch-Up

Ack! Time goes too quickly... we've had a trip to the big city, and Allen's going to be starting 2nd grade soon, so lots of busy-ness outside of the digital world...

Nonetheless, here are a few recent layouts. Vinnie's been on a terrific creative jag recently with a lot of fantasy-oriented stuff, and so several of the layouts have been on the really dreamy side. Total contrast with Sande Krieger and Erica Hernandez's stuff! Working backwards, as usual--newer stuff first:

If I Haven't Told You

Heather Taylor, If I Haven't Told You

Do you ever worry that your child doesn't really understand the depth of your emotions for them? I do--especially as an older mom... Credits: Everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Background is a blend of papers from The White Foundation Paper Pack and the Create Art freebie mini-kit. The blue flowers are from Safari Street, the buttercup is from Bucket Of Sunshine, and the green rose from Shabby Crib. Black and white butterfly, other flowers and buttons, as well as the word art/stick, from the Decorative Page Prompts Set 01. Blue butterfly from He's Royalty. Font: Rodeo King. Journaling reads:

"If I haven’t told you today
that I love you,
it’s a mistake.
Perhaps I’m not there;
perhaps the small
frustrations of my day
have swallowed my
common sense. If I
haven’t told you today
that I love you,
then read these words
and know I meant them
for every day
now and as long
as they will make
you happy.

I love you,
my grubby, flower-fisted child,
and I thank you for the gift
of making my own heart

A Dream Come True

Heather Taylor, A Dream Come True

Everything with Vinnie Pearce's kit He's Royalty (at Pixel Canvas). Fonts Underwood 1913 and Adine-Kirnberg Script.

I'd Be Lost

Heather Taylor, I'd Be Lost

Managed to snag some good close-up pics without having to dodge the no-more-pics faces while we were on the MAX this weekend... =)

Credits: All by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Background overlay is a paper from the Typography Corner - Paper Pack 1. "I'd be lost without you" word art from Grunge Wordart: Love. Frame, leaf, and stitching from Safari Street. Tiny heart from My Pet Elephant. Flower from Romance Me. Leaf from Paradiso. Butterfly from School Days. Font for date: Last Words.

Train Show

Heather Taylor, Train Show

This child was in 7th heaven for over 4 hours!

Credits: Template by Erica Hernandez @ 2Peas, Letter Template No. 18. Everything else by Sande Krieger @ 2Peas: "Memento" background from her French Laundry Paper Pack, and stamp from A Cold Winter's Night. Font: Ecolier.

Ok, that's it for now. I'm working on a new kit, of course... =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Wonderful CT

It's high time I introduce my Creative Team Members, who devote some part of their very busy lives to help show off my wares.

The person who has been on my CT the longest is my friend Julie K. in Taiwan. First of all, she's the reason I started digiscrapping, and secondly, her encouragement has kept me going even when it seemed like I would never become a "real" designer. Julie's 2 wonderful children are her most common scrap subjects, and they are both super-adorable...

Julie K. in Taiwan, Books Are Fun

"Books Are Fun, by Julie K. Most elements/papers from the Chinoiserie kit.

Then, I had the temerity to ask Sandrine, better known as Timounette, if she might be interested. I say temerity, because I'd admired her designs for a long time, and she was CT'ing with me on Vinnie Pearce's team, and I'm no Vinnie Pearce! But she was really kind and said yes, and she continues to make marvelous layouts with her two children as well.

Timounette, L'ane Charlot

"L'âne Charlot," by Timounette. Everything from the Stillness Element Pack.

More temerity: I asked Christelle, aka Scrapenherbe, if she'd be interested too. I love her ultra-minimalist layouts about her daughter:

Christelle, You Are My Laughter

"You Are My Laughter" by Scrapenherbe. From the Word Art Pack "You Are My... No. 1" and the "Touch of Ginkgo" kit.

I felt they were all getting overworked, so I had a CT call in January, and our team was enriched by three more fabulous scrappers. First was Valé, another person from France (Sandrine and Christelle are also in France). She has a most adorable little boy with a 1000-watt smile!

Valé, My Boy

"My Boy" by Valé. From the kit "How It Works."

Then came Stéphanie, aka Soleen, from New Caledonia! That taught me a little geopolitics... She too produces marvelous layouts about her family, and herself!

Soleen, Eton Beach

"Eton Beach" by Soleen. Wordart by Margote, mask by Vinnie Pearce, rest from the "How It Works" kit.

And the latest to join the crew is the lovely Aussiekat (who actually lives in the States), Katherine. She's done layouts about all kinds of people in her family--and animals!

Aussiekat, Puppy Love

"Puppy Love" by Aussiekat, with the Sweet Hearts kit ("love" is from Natali Designs).

And there you go. I feel REALLY lucky to have such beautiful work gracing my pages--thanks you guys!

Some Layouts

First, a layout with my newest kit, Innocent Surprise:

Heather Taylor, 1-2-3

We have a family tradition, started by my late Grandfather, of giving each other three squeezes when we want to say "I love you"... This is all from my kit Innocent Surprise (Heather T. at Get Digi With It). Font: Luna. Journaling reads: "You don't twirl your hair as much as you used to, though you still get that faraway gaze -- you melt my heart."

Then another with products by Erica Hernandez of 2Peas, for whom I'm doing a bit of CT'ing:

Heather Taylor, Beach

(Credits: Sand paper and watermarks by Erica Herndandez (Haphazard, 2Peas). Fonts: District, Almanac, and VT Remington. Journaling reads: "It's amazing how easily we've adapted to living at the coast. Once the dreams of a stifling summer's day, is now less than a ten minute walk. And because we're not sun people, the jumbled rockiness of our beach provides us hours of hiking, natural studies, and peace of soul.")

And finally, more fantastic stuff by Vinnie Pearce (she just blows my socks off):

Heather Taylor, When The Sun Paints

Everything by Vinnie Pearce @ Pixel Canvas. Background papers from School Days (brown) and Paradiso (orange). Photo mask from Page Masks Set 01. "When" brush from The Five W's Brush Set. Distress Brush Set 01 used throughout. Leaves from Paradiso kit, Butterfly from Purple Phase kit, buttercup from Bucket Full of Sunshine kit, heart from Gemstone Frames Set 01. Fonts: Brock Script and Harting. Journaling reads: "The world stills when the sun paints the evening."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New In The Shop: Innocent Surprise

It's really hard to show these elements in a preview because so many of them are translucent! But it's a really pretty kit designed for clean and simple scrapping (I hope)...

Contents include:
8 light papers, all textured; some creased, some with very light sprays of flowers
5 pieces of word art that are transparent overlays: Spring, Love (3), Perfect
2 more overlays: a heart shower, and a more abstract painterly colored overlay
6 sets of doodles, with flowers, birdies, a rabbit, and clouds
2 beads (elephant and turtle)
1 double-tape piece
1 photomask
2 frames

Heather T., Innocent Surprise

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dollar Deal!

My new element pack Stillness, for only $1.00 today!

And here's the layout I made with it:

Heather Taylor, Waiting For You

Everything from my mini-kit Stillness at Get Digi With It. Font: butterbrotpapier. Journaling reads:

"it seems
as if i have spent a long time
waiting for you.
we have been getting closer, though.
ohio to seattle
was a desolation in winter browns
a long chill for two hearts
beginning to thaw
were a study in misery
anguish, anticipation of another
series of pain
kalama to the coast
covered with the dust of years
that needed to be thrown away
and now, the big city
just waiting
beautiful days
but lonely evenings
we carry on
waiting for you"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New In The Shop: Stillness

Remember this layout?

Well, I finally made some stuff from those little birdies:

Of course, I hope you like them!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Few Layouts Time

Just finished this one this morning, then tweaked it a little to fit the requirements for Kayleigh and Tara's Creative Inspirations blog:

Heather Taylor, The Harvest Days of Winter

Credits: All mine (Heather T. @ Get Digi With It). Paper is from the How It Works Kit; holes are a blog freebie (Boheme Sophistiquee kit), and the stitching is from the Daisy kit. Font: butterbrotpapier. Journaling reads:

"juice once stained my hands
with liquid sun
and a distillation of days.
those berries of black wine,
now but leather and seed
bound by silk a little dingy
and shrivelled from the cold,
fall away from the light, seeking
the sweet release of gravity--
perhaps aided by one last
greedy caress of feathers.

they too will fall."

And I'm super-pleased that this layout was featured in today's Gallery Standouts (along with the page of one of my Creative Team members, Valé!):

Heather Taylor, Florence

Credits: Background paper by Vinnie Pearce (Kraft Paper, Pixel Canvas). Also her bit of cardboard (Naturals kit), and I used her Distress Brush Set 01 throughout on various things. Rest is mine: rope from my Cowboy kit, screws from the How It Works kit (Get Digi With It), rest just made up. Font: Memorandum.

This "Learning-Teaching" layout has also been one of my favorites lately:

Heather Taylor, Learning-Teaching

Credits: Papers by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas (Safari Street and Baby's Breath - Boys). Rest is by me. Font: the ever-classic Century Gothic.

And finally (I'm just picking a few, here!), a more grungy one with the ever-so-gorgeous stuff of Vinnie Pearce's at Pixel Canvas:

Heather Taylor, Sunset Walk

Credits: All Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. All 3 papers from The Art Corner Paper Pack. Stitching and flowers from Safari Street. Line and dots border from Woodlands - Boys. Font: 1550.

Hope you have a lovely week!