Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some Layouts

First, a layout with my newest kit, Innocent Surprise:

Heather Taylor, 1-2-3

We have a family tradition, started by my late Grandfather, of giving each other three squeezes when we want to say "I love you"... This is all from my kit Innocent Surprise (Heather T. at Get Digi With It). Font: Luna. Journaling reads: "You don't twirl your hair as much as you used to, though you still get that faraway gaze -- you melt my heart."

Then another with products by Erica Hernandez of 2Peas, for whom I'm doing a bit of CT'ing:

Heather Taylor, Beach

(Credits: Sand paper and watermarks by Erica Herndandez (Haphazard, 2Peas). Fonts: District, Almanac, and VT Remington. Journaling reads: "It's amazing how easily we've adapted to living at the coast. Once the dreams of a stifling summer's day, is now less than a ten minute walk. And because we're not sun people, the jumbled rockiness of our beach provides us hours of hiking, natural studies, and peace of soul.")

And finally, more fantastic stuff by Vinnie Pearce (she just blows my socks off):

Heather Taylor, When The Sun Paints

Everything by Vinnie Pearce @ Pixel Canvas. Background papers from School Days (brown) and Paradiso (orange). Photo mask from Page Masks Set 01. "When" brush from The Five W's Brush Set. Distress Brush Set 01 used throughout. Leaves from Paradiso kit, Butterfly from Purple Phase kit, buttercup from Bucket Full of Sunshine kit, heart from Gemstone Frames Set 01. Fonts: Brock Script and Harting. Journaling reads: "The world stills when the sun paints the evening."


  1. Tes pages sont superbes Heather !

  2. omg, all three are spectacular!

    Do you ever get tired of hearing how talented you are?

  3. supreme work heather, you inspire, opening your blog everyday is a highlight, like opening santa's sack, Lou

  4. the last page is the most beautiful I ´ve seen in a long time - great great work !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wowwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic. I saw the last one at Pixels Canvas and it's so creative, a great artitisc work. But the firt ones are "fantastiques". J'adooooooooore

  6. all three are super -- but the last one is SUPER-DUPER!


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