Thursday, December 27, 2012

Didja get lots of prezzies??

I did (Copic markers, YUM!), and now I need to send thank you cards! So I made some up yesterday, and they're on sale today 20% off. There are 10 pre-made printable cards, but also a little mini-kit with some cool papers and elements you can use to make your own. MScraps is also having 20% on anything in the "Christmas" category, so my Visiting Time is still on sale!

Here's the Thanks: Printable Cards and Mini-Kit:

So, just a little something for you to express your thanks! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week, too!

Monday, December 17, 2012

'Tis the Season to be Jolly...

... and LATE with everything! So, in that spirit, may I present to you my only-slightly-moldy newest kit, which came out @ MScraps on Friday: Visiting Time! If you're going anywhere this holiday season--even caroling!--then this kit will work for you. Or, if you have visitors coming, this is perfect too!

The crew have made some exquisite pages with the kit!
By Lisa:

By Sandrine:

By Julie:

By Ona:

And finally, by Romy--who won a GSO from Fingerpointing!

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fading Away...

Hehehe. I have some really cool clipping masks in the store today: CU/PU Fades. Lots of different full page, and smaller, clipping masks to help make beautiful layouts such as the ones below!

I made my holiday card with the full page one, rotated 90 degrees:

Here's Li Li's (she used about 5 of them!):

A lovely one by Julie, with the heart, and the small square, enlarged (it's easy to push or pull the sides in or out to fit your photo or space):

Sandrine's lovely misty foggy page:

And another foggy one by Julie (with a fade on the background, and on the photo):

Helen has a cute one too:

And finally, one from Margje:

I hope your weekend fades in and out smoothly!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Well, it seems the season for silly sales is upon us, and so I've followed suit. I have some -amazing- deals in my shop this weekend! First of all, everything is 40% off through Monday. 2nd, I have a 5/2 sale: buy five kits from the Heather T./Kits category, and get 2 free! Put them all in your basket at once for it to work. AND I have some crazy deals on a few kits and element packs under the Black Friday: Super Deals category: Element Packs at $1.00 apiece, and kits at $2.00. Wowzers!

And, MScraps did a cool semi-collab thing this weekend, called Black Friday with a Twist. We all started out with black/gray/white, and then added 2 colors. The mini-kit is super cheap, too--you can find it in the Black Friday: With A Twist category. Here's mine:

And the crew made some really yummy pages:

By Vera:

By Lisa:

By Li Li:

By Renate:

By France:

By Dita:

And by Helen:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Swirly Goodness: Dreamy Dusk Templates

Another Ooh la la special brought to you by Heather T. ... ;) Dreamy Dusk Templates!

And the CT had a ton of fun with all different kinds of kits!

By Li Li:

By Vera:

Julie had a field day!

By Romy:

Oh, and one of mine, just to show you how templates are only meant to be a springboard, not THE SCRAPPING LAW WHICH MUST NOT BE BROKEN *giggles*:

20% off  this weekend only... Hope you have a great one!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Way You Are: New!

Here's a fresh and cute kit for you: The Way You Are. It comes with its own alpha, even!

And some really great pages show you how versatile it is!

By Annette:

By Soco:

By Helen:

By Jen:

By Jetje:

And by Romy:

And 20% off the rest of the weekend, of course. Hope you have a great one!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

iDSD Blog Train: I Love To Craft + Sale News!

Whee! It's that time of year again--when you can collect a huge, wonderful kit--for free! You should have come from Sonia's blog, and next, you'll be going to Heddy's blog. And in the meantime, here's my little piece!

PS: if you get lost, just head on over to MScraps for more info (and GAMES and GIVEAWAYS and ALL KINDS OF FUN!)

And, over in the store... I'm having a sale (30%) but more importantly, I've made an EeeeeeENORMOUS grab bag! And you should definitely check it out.

Have a very lovely weekend, everybody!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Designer of the Week Sale, + a Beautiful New Kit!

Well, this week is full of goodies for you! For one, my entire store (minus a few things) is on sale by 40% through next Thursday. Great time to buy those kits or commercial use items! Also, I made the freebie for the MScraps Newsletter, which you can download through the newsletter link (sign up by Tuesday, in time for the next newsletter, if you want to grab it and you're not subscribed yet!).

Here's the Add-On:

And here is the beautiful new kit, Cinnamon & Brown Sugar, it complements:

And the papers:

The masks:

The brushes & colored overlays:

 the word art:

Pretty nifty, eh? And, as you'll see from the CT pages, you can go in soooo many different directions with this kit!

By Vera:

By Jen (just *love* her mask-work here!):

By Li Li:

By Sandrine:

By Petra:

By Julie:

By Katja:

By France:

And by Dita (and gee, I had to leave some out--post is getting too long! *lol*):

Anyway, please do go check Cinnamon & Brown Sugar out--it's 20% off through Sunday--and the rest of the store is 40% off! Have a wonderful weekend!