Friday, December 7, 2012

Fading Away...

Hehehe. I have some really cool clipping masks in the store today: CU/PU Fades. Lots of different full page, and smaller, clipping masks to help make beautiful layouts such as the ones below!

I made my holiday card with the full page one, rotated 90 degrees:

Here's Li Li's (she used about 5 of them!):

A lovely one by Julie, with the heart, and the small square, enlarged (it's easy to push or pull the sides in or out to fit your photo or space):

Sandrine's lovely misty foggy page:

And another foggy one by Julie (with a fade on the background, and on the photo):

Helen has a cute one too:

And finally, one from Margje:

I hope your weekend fades in and out smoothly!

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