Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lots of Moving & Shaking at MScraps!

Big party @ MScraps this weekend as we merge Scrapflower's Personal Use side and welcome a bountiful array of new designers. And we have a ton of coupons:


(some products may be excluded)

Spend up to $10 and take 30% off - coupon: TAKE30
Spend $10 - $20 and take 35% off - coupon: TAKE35
Spend $20 or more and take 40% off - coupon: TAKE40

And I have some new templates!

They're so awesome for showcasing your great pictures--and you can use them for weekly updates:

By Mary:

(Doesn't she have the most gorgeous photography?)

And one by Jen:

And some very cool seal photographs from a tiny island in the North Sea, by Vera:

So come and play with us this weekend--get a lot of new goodies, and use them in our super-fun challenges that will let you get even more new goodies! =)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wordy Templates!

I have something fun and playful this week: Wordy Templates. Because these are templates, you're of course getting 5 separate pieces of wordart too... These huge titles are great for clipping masks, frames, and all kinds of other goodies--and of course they're 20% off through Sunday.

The CT crew had lots of fun playing, that's for sure! By Linda:

By Sandrine:

By Jen:

By Vera:

By Jo-Anne:

By Ona:

By Dita:

And finally, one by me:

I hope you're inspired to have a fun weekend playing, too!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Commercial/Personal Grunge Brushes, & Off-Kilter Dates!

I thought I'd be designed-out for a while, but look what popped out! The CU/PU Brushes 5: Grunge are a set of 27 (!) brushes in .abr and .png files. Grunge brushes are so great for making papers, photomasks, distressed anythings... And as a scrapper, you can use them to fade your photos, or add interest behind a photo or element on your layout. I love grunge brushes! (These were all made from photos I took of things. Guess my habit of standing nose to wall or nose to floor is paying off! *giggles*)

Astrid made this really cool page with the Hi Energy kit and the Grunge Brushes:

And also out popped some funky typography in date form, with three versions: totally grunged, slightly grunged and offset 3D edge, and just slightly grunged. The three versions have 0-9, days of the week, and month names. Here are the Off-Kilter: Dates:

I have several layouts for these:

By Astrid, with Precious:

By Vera, with Small Things:

And by Jetje, with Wishes Come True:

Both products are of course 20% off through this Sunday. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy happy iNSD!

Yes, it's *that* day--when we all go crazy with challenges and scrapping and total fun! And just for that, I have a 50% sale for you on most everything in my store, except for stuff under €2 anyway, and my very newest kit, Precious, which is itself 20% off as usual, BUT comes with a free add-on mini-kit (just put both in your cart at the same time to receive the 2nd one for free!). See, I'm so excited, I'm even writing in long sentences! *laugh*

And here's the new kit, Precious:

And the free add-on mini-kit (put both in your cart; it will zero out at check-out):

And look, I even scrapped!

And so did my wonderful CT members. This is by Lisa:

By Julie:

By Jo-Anne:

By Astrid:

By Jenny:

And by Suzanne:

So have a wonderful, wonderful day and weekend!! =)

Friday, May 3, 2013

The MScraps Blog Hop is Up!

Although I'm not sure why they call it a blog hop, since it's mostly on Facebook. =/
Find out the starting point and full list of stops here Enjoy!

This is a preview of the full kit that you'll get after collecting all the bits:

And this is my part:

I'll be posting a bit later about my newest kit, and the HUGE sale I've got going on at my store, too! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!