Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My CT's Fabulous Work!

I realized when it came time to make my blog posts for my two newest kits that there was NO WAY I could include everybody's layouts, and I was very bummed. So, I've set up a Flickr slideshow to show off everything! When you watch it, there are some options in the upper-right-hand corner, specifically to show the title--that will tell you who made the layout. I wish I could embed the slideshow, but Flickr doesn't seem to be able to do that...


SO GORGEOUS! Thank you, my stellar team!!

Healing, new @ MScraps... + 2nd Giveaway Winner!

Here's my latest kit @ MScraps! I love this one--it's very personal, all full of doodles and wordart and swirly things... even some templates! Kit contains:

- 14 papers, patterned and/or textured
- 6 frames, including 2 page-size frames of faux stitching
- 8 pieces of wordart
- 4 layered .psd templates
- 4 border elements
- 1 doodle string
- 9 floral elements, some realistic, some doodles
- 1 doodled berry spray and 1 embellishment with translucent circles; 1 more uncategorizable doodly element
- 1 birdie, regular and stickerized
- 2 masks
- 1 translucent journal spot, with and without shadow
- 1 tea-cup

And of course, it's 20% off through the weekend!






Here's a layout from me with one of the templates:

But again, oh man oh man, you should see the team layouts!

By Scottish Zoe:

By JeanH:

By Ulla-May:

By Julie (MaggieMae):

By Jen:

And let us not forget the winner of the give-away: Terese!  Whee--congratulations! (Terese, please e-mail me!!) And thank you everybody for sharing your mother experiences--I'm having a great time with mine, even though she crashed way early last night because of all the travel!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Forest Dreams @ The DigiChick... and Giveaway winners!

 Guess what! The DigiChick is having a back to school sale starting on Friday--but you can get the new releases today and tomorrow @ 35% off instead of the usual 20%--extra bonus!

 Well, here it is... Forest Dreams! Rich, elegant, with a bit of modern too--even some calligraphy! Kit contains:

- 15 total textured, blended scenes, and patterned papers

- 10 frames (some are brushes, and also a sticker look)
- 8 tags
- 14 floral elements, including 2 sprays
- 6 borders
- 1 bow and one length of twirled ribbon
- 1 large mask, 1 rub-on, and 1 journaling spot brush
- 8 wordart pieces
- 1 gold brad and one piece of gold stitching





And some layouts:

By me:


By Ona:

By Romy:

By Zoe:

By Loni:

And by Vera:

And oh wow, my new team is aMAYzing. I can't even show you all the layouts they made--each one of them *so* beautiful!

Oh? You're waiting for the winner announcement? For the Forest Dreams kit? The one that's just come out??


It's... Heidi D.!!!!!!!!!!!! But Heidi, you'll have to e-mail me with your e-mail addy, ok?? Your name only links back to your blogger ID, which has no e-mail on it...

Healing Kit winner announced tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneak Peek Giveaway! (closed)

Well, I'm nothing if not versatile. Heh. This week @ the Digichick I have a rich, elegant kit with a ton of gorgeous elements and luscious papers for you called Forest Dreams:


I have a smooth, modern, doodly kit (with templates and lots of wordart!) called Healing, at MScraps:

And, since my mother is coming to visit for two weeks, and we haven't seen her in a year, I'm in the mood for a give-away! So leave me a comment about your mother or your favorite mother-like person, and which kit you're shooting for, and Mr. Random might just land something in your lap... =) Both kits will end up in the stores on US Thursday--TDC first, then MScraps. Whee! [Note: see the next post for the winner!]

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I had to do this for my MScraps store. So I figured I might as well take some new pics, and one of them was actually somewhat palatable... ;)

Everything with my What Do We Do All Day? kit @ MScraps. Font: What Do We Do All Day (not yet released).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

And some fun stuff @ MScraps: Grunge Frames!

These are pretty nifty: they come in layered .psd files, and you clip your photo to the mask that's layered on top of the chipboard base (you could also clip a paper to the base!). And of course you can use the masks, and the tags, by themselves, too! How fun is that! Don't answer that. It's "lots." *grins* Grunge Frames 1 @ MScraps are on sale through Sunday!

Gorgeous stuff from the CT, of course:

By Romy:

By Ona:

By Jean:

By Julie:

and by Zoe:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some fun stuff @ The Digichick... More Masks!

Yup, Masked 3. And look at the gorgeousness that was made with them!!

This was made by Julie (MaggieMae) whom I just met here on the coast last week. We had a great (but short) time, and then she and her husband stayed a little longer drinking in the sights...

By Zoe:

By Jen (justjen):

And finally, by Ulla-May (zwyck):

Friday, August 13, 2010

Next 4 Copics Experiments

Stamp (retired) by Tapestry Rubber Stamps. Copics on the flowers, watercolor pencil & paintbrush with water in between. Cougar White paper. Versafine pigment ink with clear embossing powder--disappointed that there's still some smearing this way.

Copics direct-to-rubber, spritzed with alcohol (spritzed the cardstock lightly before impression as well. Watercolor pencil & water in background. Cougar White paper, Penny Black stamp.

Same deal as above, except on watercolor paper, and I also added a light watercolor wash to the background after the stamp was dry. I really like that you can do that without disturbing the stamp! This was actually a second impression from the card above--I didn't add any further ink, just alcohol.

Finally, Adirondack Pitch Black dye ink on Cougar White paper, and all Copic coloring, though I did use some straight isopropyl alcohol on the background. Art Neko stamp.

And now I iz sleepy--nightynight!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Do We Do All Day? New Kit @ MScraps!

I read a funny little editorial recently about a person not understanding why her friend, now that she was a mother, couldn't hang out with her so much anymore. What does she do all day, was her question. Well, here's your chance to tell the real answer... =)

This is a large kit containing over 100 hand-drawn elements including an alpha, and a 20 page paper pack in fresh colors. Kit contains:

- 20 patterned and plain, textured papers
- 6 different frames including a faux-stitched page frame
- 1 uppercase alpha with some punctuation
- 24 "icons" of what you do all day
- 9 words to help describe what you do all day
- 8 flowers and 3 branches (with and without borders)
- 2 swirly doodles, 1 circle spray, 1 star spray, and 1 circle border
- 1 texture mask



and a layout of mine:


And my even larger fantastic crew:

By Sandrine (Timounette)

By Jen (justjen)

 By Lisa (latz)

And the fantastic store crew (you'd better apply soon if you want a spot on it, btw!)

By Leilani (inklover)

By Tonje (vissarah)

The kit is of course 20% off through Sunday! Have a great weekend, everybody!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Copics Experiment -- Freebie!

Copic markers on Reynold's Freezer Paper, blended with isopropyll alcohol (70%) and a paintbrush. Click if you want to download (not right-click, just click)! I made it into a sticker. =)

Oooh, this is fun!!

An Amazing, Unbelievable Gift Out of Nowhere

Did you hear all that noise? No, no slaughter happening in Oregon, but some seriously intense squealing of excitement and disbelief!

You see, I've been involved with an amazing Yahoo group for many years, Oriental Stamp Art. Throughout the years I've been the webslave, and now that they've transitioned to a blog, I've been involved in that as well (though there's still a whole lot of work to be done!). The members of the group all participate in swaps, general exchange about Asian rubber stamping art, etc. There are some amazing card artists in that group!

So, it appears that with the initiative of Lori A.-O., and Dariel O'H., Sonia E. (the group's "2nd in command") organized a out-of-the-blue love-blitz on little old me! She was very secretive about it all, telling me that I should expect one package from a store, and a 2nd package from her which needed to be opened first. So finally, yesterday, it all came together.

And oh my holy jumping color freak, what should appear to my incredulous eyes but a *waterfall* of cards, each more gorgeous than the next, and....

Do you see it there? A SEVENTY-TWO PACK OF COPIC MARKERS!!!!!!!!!!! Which I never would in my entire life be able to afford, and have been wistful about for AGES. Well, much much squealing and jumping ensued, and the dust has finally settled enough for me to sit still 10 minutes and scan all these cards. I'm so in awe of the markers that I still haven't opened them!! *giggles*

I am amazed and ever so grateful that people who have never even met me in real life should trust me enough, and know me well enough, to give me such a precious gift. THANK YOU, you guys! I am truly blown away by your generosity and kindness!!

And so here are all of the beautiful cards they sent me on top of everything else! My thanks again to each and every one of you (and to the group and its wonderful leader, Annette W.), for your incredible thoughtfulness!


Bonnie B. (TWO cards, both marvels of precision and layering--my scanning cut off a bit *rolls eyes*)


Bonnie W. (whom I've actually met--she is a wonderful woman!)

Carla v.d. M. from Holland

Cindy C.

Laurie A.-O. and Dariel O'H., the instigators

Lyn W.

Maggi G.

Margo S.

Minda O., all the way from Newfoundland

Sandra G. (so striking!)

Sandy N. (ibid!)

And finally, Sonia E. with an extra EXTRA surprise inside:

Alright--am I the luckiest girl alive, or what??? Thank you again, everybody!!!