Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Amazing, Unbelievable Gift Out of Nowhere

Did you hear all that noise? No, no slaughter happening in Oregon, but some seriously intense squealing of excitement and disbelief!

You see, I've been involved with an amazing Yahoo group for many years, Oriental Stamp Art. Throughout the years I've been the webslave, and now that they've transitioned to a blog, I've been involved in that as well (though there's still a whole lot of work to be done!). The members of the group all participate in swaps, general exchange about Asian rubber stamping art, etc. There are some amazing card artists in that group!

So, it appears that with the initiative of Lori A.-O., and Dariel O'H., Sonia E. (the group's "2nd in command") organized a out-of-the-blue love-blitz on little old me! She was very secretive about it all, telling me that I should expect one package from a store, and a 2nd package from her which needed to be opened first. So finally, yesterday, it all came together.

And oh my holy jumping color freak, what should appear to my incredulous eyes but a *waterfall* of cards, each more gorgeous than the next, and....

Do you see it there? A SEVENTY-TWO PACK OF COPIC MARKERS!!!!!!!!!!! Which I never would in my entire life be able to afford, and have been wistful about for AGES. Well, much much squealing and jumping ensued, and the dust has finally settled enough for me to sit still 10 minutes and scan all these cards. I'm so in awe of the markers that I still haven't opened them!! *giggles*

I am amazed and ever so grateful that people who have never even met me in real life should trust me enough, and know me well enough, to give me such a precious gift. THANK YOU, you guys! I am truly blown away by your generosity and kindness!!

And so here are all of the beautiful cards they sent me on top of everything else! My thanks again to each and every one of you (and to the group and its wonderful leader, Annette W.), for your incredible thoughtfulness!


Bonnie B. (TWO cards, both marvels of precision and layering--my scanning cut off a bit *rolls eyes*)


Bonnie W. (whom I've actually met--she is a wonderful woman!)

Carla v.d. M. from Holland

Cindy C.

Laurie A.-O. and Dariel O'H., the instigators

Lyn W.

Maggi G.

Margo S.

Minda O., all the way from Newfoundland

Sandra G. (so striking!)

Sandy N. (ibid!)

And finally, Sonia E. with an extra EXTRA surprise inside:

Alright--am I the luckiest girl alive, or what??? Thank you again, everybody!!!


  1. This is so amazing and I am soo happy for you You are an wonderful person yourself and you deserve it!!!

  2. What a fabulous way for the Group to say Thank You for all your hard work. Copic Markers - Holy Smoke how incredibly awesome, and the cards are ALL seriously stunning.

  3. How wonderful, Heather. How in the world did I miss out on this one! Probably not paying attention, huh.

    I'm very happy for you and the Copics will open a new arena for your beautiful art.


  4. Oh wow! You are a lucky girl -those cards are gorgeous! And it looks like you've won the Copic marker lottery :)

  5. Heather... you deserve every bit of it and I am sure you will have heaps of fun producing wonderful art work.

  6. What beautiful cards and such wonderful friends. I didn't know you like Asia so much. I'll have to be on the lookout for any unique stamps around here! ;D


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