Monday, June 29, 2009

A Scrapbooking Mama's Dilemma

Worry that taking all these pictures will create years of therapy for your child... or choosing to grab the fun shot? *grins*

Heather Taylor, The Hand

I used 2 papers from Vinnie Pearce's Grunge Plaids, and one of her Distressed Photomasks - Set 03 on the type. Fonts are Last Words and You Are Loved.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Closing Sale!

I've had to make the very difficult decision to leave Get Digi With It. I'm really sad, because Maria has been great to work for, and she gave me a chance into the design world. But I find myself overwhelmed with work, and not able to give GDWI my all. For that reason, I'm going to stop selling here near the end of July. In the meantime, I'm going to be putting my kits on sale and then withdrawing them permanently from circulation... a little bit at a time!

Here's what's on sale for this week--and then they're gone:

Thanks for looking!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New in the Shop!

Here's what's new for Pixel Canvas this week:

Heather T., 253 - More On Masks

This illustrated tutorial gives you an introduction to layer masks of all kinds, and includes tutorials on gradient layer blending, spot retouching, and easy recoloring!

The tutorial is intended for intermediate to advanced users.

11 pages, .pdf file, for Photoshop CS+ (sorry, this doesn't work in Photoshop Elements!).

And a couple of element packs:

Heather T., Growing Up Too Fast
Doesn't it seem to you that your children are either growing up too fast, or they're always in a hurry? Does to me!!

- 6 word art (one comes with both "mr." and "ms.")
- 2 papers
- 3 stickers

Heather T., Painted Corners & Dividers

A great set of thick and thin, solid, dashed, and dotted paint lines and corners to use around your photographs for an art journal feel. Includes brief instructions on how to make the paint appear thicker, and how to change the colors.

And some layouts for today:

Heather T., Pulled Close

This is actually TWO photos. =)

Everything @ Pixel Canvas. Most everything by Vinnie Pearce: Blended background paper is from Running & Jumping; birds are from Paint Splatters; pink moth is from My Drama Queen, and beige butterfly is from Young Beauty. Long ribbon is mine from the Country Dreams kit, and the dragonfly is from my Always Time. Font is butterbrotpapier.

Journaling reads:

"the tide
creeps its blue blood
in a subservient lapping
it curls ever further inwards
we retreat in cautious fascination
pulled close by some elemental likeness
salt and water, a pulsating heart,
and yet repelled in self-preservation
two inches of benign froth now
will be two feet of riptide current
in a couple of hours
i recognize those mood swings, these days "

Heather T., Incognito

For the 2nd type challenge: Kerning A Single Word

Credits: Font: Euphorigenic.

I think this is the fastest layout I have ever made! *lol* But I really couldn't think of anything to add to it... =) This is Allen wearing Grandmama's over-sized sunglasses! The flames behind his head are part of a painting, and I must have panned the shot, because he's still, but the background is blurred. Completely fortuitous!

Heather T., Mesmereyes

For the Friday lift @ Pixel Canvas, from a layout by vdannette (one of my new CT Team! But more on that later), Unforgotten

Everything at Pixel Canvas: Papers by ViVa Artistry, Nouveau Cirque, and Vinnie Pearce, Ecofabulous Collab. Paper on the side is by Ashley Kennedy Design from the Breakthrough Paper Pack. Tag for framing eye by Cheeky Monkey Design, Lovely kit. Mask is mine. Japanese character (yume) by Yoshiko Utsunomiya. Ivy from my Faery Lights, and flower from Fabricated; butterfly brush is mine as well. Font is Hogarth Script.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oh, and here's what I've been drawing recently...

Heather T., Paisley

Yup, takes a while... =)

CT Call is now closed!

I have lots of new people on my team--introductions when everything is finalized!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Psssst! A Sale!

That's right, 40% off @ Pixel canvas tomorrow (well, Friday, NZ time). I think it's just a 24 hr sale, so get your clickers ready... =)

Some layouts with previews:

Heather Taylor, Georgianna

Everything mine @ Pixel Canvas. Most everything from my Country Dream kit; flowers & leaves from Fabricated Element Pack, and daisy spray from Brief Elegance. Font: Adine Kirnberg. My great-grandmother in 1907, a year before she had my Grandpa, I believe--I think she was 46 when she had him!

Heather Taylor, Just Do Your Best

Everything from Pixel Canvas. Background and all polka dots by Ashley Kennedy Design, Let's Polka. Splat mask from my By The Sea. Word art by Tracy Little (Inspirational Word Art No. 1). Tag by Cheeky Monkey Design, Basic Bits: Tiny Tags). Staple at top and cluster elements near the cute boy by Vinnie Pearce--staple is from the Ecofabulous Collab, and cluster elements are from The Great Hunt. Small orange flower at top by Yoshiko Utsunomiya, Early Summer Garden. Blue string flower at bottom by Catherine Designs from the Preserve It Collab kit.

Heather Taylor, A Civilized Safari

One of our Connections Academy field trips--which we enjoyed immensely! This just happened to be one of the quieter shots...

Credits: Everything by Yoshiko Utsunomiya, Rose Crazy Rose kit. Fonts: Charlemagne Std., Lithos Pro, Caeldera, Bicycle, and Angelina. Journaling reads: "The Roseburg Wildlife Safari: all in all, a very civilized experience!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

CT Call Freebie!

(version française après le preview)

Ok gang, I'm on the hunt for some more gung-ho layout artists to help get my name around. =) The way my CT works is that I post previews for my new kits on our private forum, and you sign up for it when you have the time and the mojo to scrap--once you sign up, the number of layouts requested for that kit should be completed in 2-3 days. If you haven't signed up for a while I'll ask you if you still want to be on the team, and if you sign up and don't make anything I'll ask you to leave the team, but other than that, things are way flexible! I usually come out with at least one kit a week, if not two, and an element/paper/wordart pack every once in a while.

To apply, please download the freebie kit and make a layout using 100% of my stuff, and at least 50% from this kit. Post your layout to your usual galleries, and leave me the link(s) in a comment to this post. You probably want to post this layout wherever you have galleries that you'd like me to look at in considering your application.

I'm not sure how many people I'll need; perhaps as many as 5 or so. But I need people who are dependable, real, and fairly skilled! You don't have to have English as your main language, either--just as long as you and I can communicate successfully, we're good. In fact, my team now is very international, and I really love that... =)

If you have any further questions, please e-mail me at the address listed on the right--but a big part of the application process is to screen for how good you are at actually reading instructions. Heh. =) Good luck, and I look forward to learning about some new artists!

Heather T., June 2009 CT Call

Alors bonjour, je suis a la recherche de quelques artistes du scrap pour disseminer mes designs un peu. Ma CT marche de cette facon: Je poste le preview de mes nouveaux kits sur notre forum prive, et vous vous engagez a en faire le nombre requis de pages quand *vous* avez le temps et le desir. Une fois que vous vous inscrivez, vous aurez 2-3 jours pour fournir le nombre de pages requises. D'habitude je demande de 1 a 3 pages selon la grandeur du kit. Si ca fait un moment que vous ne vous etes pas inscrits pour quelque chose, je vous demanderai si vous voulez encore participer, et si vous vous inscrivez mais que vous ne produisez rien, je vous demanderai de quitter l'equipe, mais a part cela je suis assez flexible. Je sors en general 1 kit par semaine, parfois 2, et un paquet de papiers/d'elements/de word art de temps en temps.

Pour postuler, veuillez bien telecharger le kit en freebie et faire une page a 100% Heather T., et au moins 50% de ce kit-ci. Postez votre page dans vos galleries habituelles (surtout dans celles que vous voudriez que je voie pour faire ma decision), et laissez-moi les liens sur ce blog en reponse a ce poste-ci.

J'ai besoin de personnes sur lesquelles je peux compter, qui sont ouvertes, et assez fortes dans leur sens de design. Vous n'etes pas obligees de parler tres bien l'anglais, mais il faut que l'on puisse communiquer aisement.

Si vous avez encore des questions, n'hesitez pas a m'ecrire un mail a l'adresse a droite, mais une bonne partie de ce processus etablit aussi la mesure dans laquelle vous arrivez a suivre mes instructions. =) Et vous m'excuserez pour le manque d'accents, mais mon clavier n'en est pas equipe. =) Bonne chance, et je me rejouis de connaitre le travail de nouvelles artistes!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New In The Shop: A Bunch of Stuff

It's Thursday! Or Friday! Depends which side of the globe you're on... So:

Dollar Deal @ GDWI: Ocean Fun!

Heather T., Ocean Fun

This pretty little mini-kit gives you

-5 luscious papers
-1 quickpage
-1 frame
-3 buttons/flair
-1 seashell mask

And at Pixel Canvas, I have Fabricated, a little element pack with some textured, "fabric" flowers which took me forever and an age to make, as pretty much each PETAL on each flower has been extracted, covered with fabric, and individually shadowed (though you can put your own shadow on the flowers, too):

Heather T., Fabricated

And I have a new tutorial, A Quick (sorta) Introduction to Masks -- it covers primarily quick masks, their relationship to channel masks, and a way to use quick masks to make an extraction:

Heather T., A Quick Introduction to Masks

And while I'm at it, a couple of layouts today, finally:

Heather Taylor, What Lives Within

Everything @ Pixel Canvas. Background color made with a mask by Vinnie Pearce (Distressed Photo Masks - Set 03), using a paper from Cheeky Monkey Creative's What Lives Within kit. Everything else from that kit also.

And another one, Nature:

Heather Taylor, Nature

Everything by ViVa Artistry @ Pixel Canvas, from their Herbarium kit. Font is Handscript Upright.

Journaling reads: "I’m not sure I’ll ever understand myself, but whatever I can’t understand seems to disappear in Nature’s majesty."

Tomorrow... dentist. *sigh* BUT: Allen finished his first year of school today, YAY! And he zipped through Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 1/2 of 2nd grade. We *both* need a break!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Type Challenge!

Over on Pixel Canvas... I'll be running this typography challenge for the nonce, every couple of weeks or so. Here's my layout for the first challenge, single letter layouts (emphasize one letter so it stands out):

Heather Taylor, My Two Front Teeth

Sound fun? Come play!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

***New*** 3D Whites, and a Font!

New at Pixel Canvas!

These shapes are super fun to play with, and they're LARGE! I included the colored sun just to show you what could be done with them...

Heather T., 3D Whites

And, a font! This is just a scramble of "found" letters, and a lot of fun:

Heather T., Charabia

And, A Give-Away!

Check out this thread at DigiShopTalk for more details...

"You Pick, I Give Away!"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Template Challenge Freebie!

Have fun with this great freebie (I really love that brush)! Click on the image to pick up the template (comments welcome, as always!):

Heather T., June 2009 Template Freebie