Thursday, June 25, 2009

New in the Shop!

Here's what's new for Pixel Canvas this week:

Heather T., 253 - More On Masks

This illustrated tutorial gives you an introduction to layer masks of all kinds, and includes tutorials on gradient layer blending, spot retouching, and easy recoloring!

The tutorial is intended for intermediate to advanced users.

11 pages, .pdf file, for Photoshop CS+ (sorry, this doesn't work in Photoshop Elements!).

And a couple of element packs:

Heather T., Growing Up Too Fast
Doesn't it seem to you that your children are either growing up too fast, or they're always in a hurry? Does to me!!

- 6 word art (one comes with both "mr." and "ms.")
- 2 papers
- 3 stickers

Heather T., Painted Corners & Dividers

A great set of thick and thin, solid, dashed, and dotted paint lines and corners to use around your photographs for an art journal feel. Includes brief instructions on how to make the paint appear thicker, and how to change the colors.

And some layouts for today:

Heather T., Pulled Close

This is actually TWO photos. =)

Everything @ Pixel Canvas. Most everything by Vinnie Pearce: Blended background paper is from Running & Jumping; birds are from Paint Splatters; pink moth is from My Drama Queen, and beige butterfly is from Young Beauty. Long ribbon is mine from the Country Dreams kit, and the dragonfly is from my Always Time. Font is butterbrotpapier.

Journaling reads:

"the tide
creeps its blue blood
in a subservient lapping
it curls ever further inwards
we retreat in cautious fascination
pulled close by some elemental likeness
salt and water, a pulsating heart,
and yet repelled in self-preservation
two inches of benign froth now
will be two feet of riptide current
in a couple of hours
i recognize those mood swings, these days "

Heather T., Incognito

For the 2nd type challenge: Kerning A Single Word

Credits: Font: Euphorigenic.

I think this is the fastest layout I have ever made! *lol* But I really couldn't think of anything to add to it... =) This is Allen wearing Grandmama's over-sized sunglasses! The flames behind his head are part of a painting, and I must have panned the shot, because he's still, but the background is blurred. Completely fortuitous!

Heather T., Mesmereyes

For the Friday lift @ Pixel Canvas, from a layout by vdannette (one of my new CT Team! But more on that later), Unforgotten

Everything at Pixel Canvas: Papers by ViVa Artistry, Nouveau Cirque, and Vinnie Pearce, Ecofabulous Collab. Paper on the side is by Ashley Kennedy Design from the Breakthrough Paper Pack. Tag for framing eye by Cheeky Monkey Design, Lovely kit. Mask is mine. Japanese character (yume) by Yoshiko Utsunomiya. Ivy from my Faery Lights, and flower from Fabricated; butterfly brush is mine as well. Font is Hogarth Script.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Fabulous kits Heather, I have played with played with both painted corners and dividers and growing up too fast and both are excellent. I can see you painted corners and dividers comin in extremely handy. I would love to see Painted Strokes :)

    Beautiful art - all of them.

  2. grreat the one with him in the shades..

  3. Great stuff, once again Heather!!! The car kit is so fun and I love the vibrant color strokes too!
    What a great pic of Allen and great layout with the big sunglasses! Love the beach page and prose equally. You can do it all!


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