Monday, June 29, 2009

A Scrapbooking Mama's Dilemma

Worry that taking all these pictures will create years of therapy for your child... or choosing to grab the fun shot? *grins*

Heather Taylor, The Hand

I used 2 papers from Vinnie Pearce's Grunge Plaids, and one of her Distressed Photomasks - Set 03 on the type. Fonts are Last Words and You Are Loved.


  1. I say take the pictures...LOL!! He will appreciate it later...:D

  2. holala j'adore cette page, elle est magnifique

  3. tee hee I adore this page Heather :)

  4. totally have some pictures from christmas like this. Our nieces decided to play christmas divas...
    I just need to get around to them.

  5. Maybe psychologists will need the work - lol. But seriously, I worked with kids who have lots of issues, and *none* of them reported photography in their list of grievances against parents.


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